Chapter 2.48


2.48.010    Management and use.

2.48.020    Estimate of required moneys.

2.48.030    Grave specifications.

2.48.050    Opening and closing graves – Liner price.

2.48.055    Opening and closing graves – Responsibility.

2.48.060    Grave prices.

2.48.070    Footstones, monuments, and markers.

2.48.080    Improper monument installation.

2.48.090    Fences and walls prohibited – Exception.

2.48.100    Endowment care.

2.48.110    Cemetery fund.

2.48.120    Greenwood Cemetery endowment care fund.

2.48.130    Cemetery reserve fund.

2.48.140    Payments by warrant.

2.48.145    Management of cemetery.

2.48.180    Deeds, plats, and records.

2.48.190    Cemetery lot owners’ addresses.

*For statutory provisions authorizing a city to acquire and plat land for cemetery purposes and to provide for the regulation thereof, see RCW 35.23.452; for provisions regarding public cemeteries generally, see Ch. 68.52 RCW.

2.48.010 Management and use.

The use and management of all cemeteries owned and operated by the city is vested in the city council, and all rules and regulations for the use, management and operation of such cemeteries shall be made by ordinance or resolution of the city council. [Ord. 335 §5, 1956].

2.48.020 Estimate of required moneys.

The cemetery committee shall each year estimate the amount of money, if any, required to be raised by taxation for cemetery purposes in sufficient time to include the same in the city budget. [Ord. 312 §3, 1951].

2.48.030 Grave specifications.

Each grave shall be four feet wide and 11 feet long.

In the event a metal vault of less than 12-gauge metal is used in a grave, then a concrete liner must also be used and placed in the grave at the time of burial. However, if a concrete vault is used, no grave liner is required. [Ord. 512 §4, 1977].

2.48.050 Opening and closing graves – Liner price.

The cost of opening and closing a grave and the sale price of grave liners shall be fixed from time to time by resolution of the city council. [Ord. 335 §2, 1956].

2.48.055 Opening and closing graves – Responsibility.

It is the responsibility of the funeral home to notify the city at least two business days in advance of a grave opening and closing. In the event public works is not available, for any reason, to perform the opening and closing, the responsibility of finding and hiring a company to open and close the grave falls solely upon the funeral home handling the burial. Any expenses incurred for the opening and closing services shall be between the funeral home and the responsible parties for the deceased. The city of Palouse will not be responsible for any costs incurred. [Ord. 955 §1, 2017].

2.48.060 Grave prices.

The price of opening and closing each grave shall be as follows:









[Ord. 883 §1, 2010; Ord. 771 §1, 2001; Ord. 691 §1, 1997; Ord. 665 §1, 1994; Ord. 586 §1, 1985; Ord. 512 §5, 1977].

2.48.070 Footstones, monuments, and markers.

A. In all parts of the cemetery owned by the city, except Lots 1 through 7, inclusive, Robart’s Addition to Palouse, all footstones, markers, and monuments shall be constructed, set, and placed on a foundation. This foundation shall be constructed of portland cement, sharp clean sand, and crushed rock, all of which has been proportionately mixed as one part cement, three parts sand, and five parts crushed rock.

B. Unless a larger space is authorized by the cemetery superintendent (or, in the absence of the cemetery superintendent, appointed by the city council in accordance with PMC 2.48.145, the superintendent of public works), all grave markers and monuments in Lots 1 through 7, inclusive, Block 4, Robart’s Addition to Palouse, shall be placed within a three-foot space provided at each grave head. Requests for a larger space shall be made to the superintendent in writing. The superintendent shall not authorize the use of a larger space unless the superintendent specifically determines that the additional space:

1. Will not unreasonably interfere or hinder routine grounds maintenance operations (e.g., mowing);

2. Will not unreasonably interfere or hinder the construction of adjacent graves; and

3. Will not visually distract from the other grave sites in the area.

All such markers and monuments must be set upon a concrete foundation, the composition of which shall conform to the foundation specifications set forth in subsection (A) of this section. Too, the outside edge of the foundation must abut and lie parallel to the upper lot boundary.

C. All foundation bases must be flush with the ground and be of sufficient size and depth to maintain the markers and monuments in an upright position. In no event shall any foundation be less than six inches deep and six inches wider on a given side than the marker or monument placed thereupon. Furthermore, all monuments and markers must be permanently attached to the foundation base. Finally, and in addition to the foregoing, monuments and markers shall be set and erected in accordance with any such additional conditions as the council may by resolution adopt from time to time. [Ord. 805 §1, 2004; Ord. 512 §6, 1977].

2.48.080 Improper monument installation.

Lot owners placing or causing markers and monuments to be placed will be responsible therefor. As such, the lot owner shall remove or reset any monument or marker that becomes unsightly or unsafe. Additionally, the city shall have the right to remove or repair any marker or monument that the council may determine to be unsafe, unsightly, offensive, or improper. [Ord. 512 §7, 1977].

2.48.090 Fences and walls prohibited – Exception.

No fences or walls of any kind or material whatsoever shall be placed around or upon any cemetery lot except as may be ordered done by the cemetery committee for the purpose of developing more area in the cemetery for creation of graves for sale. [Ord. 512 §2, 1977; Ord. 312 §8, 1951].

2.48.100 Endowment care.

The city shall provide endowment care for the entire cemetery. For the purposes of this section, “endowment care” refers to the permanent maintenance of the cemetery to the extent that the grounds will be seeded to grass, watered, and trimmed in a neat, tidy, clean manner. [Ord. 512 §8, 1977].

2.48.110 Cemetery fund.

A. There is established a cemetery fund. All proceeds received from taxation and other sources for cemetery operation and maintenance purposes shall be deposited in this fund. Also, and except as otherwise provided, proceeds from the sale of lots, blocks, and grave spaces within the cemetery shall be deposited in this fund.

B. All salaries and wages incidental to cemetery operation and maintenance shall be paid from the cemetery fund, together with all other costs and expenses incurred in the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the cemetery. [Ord. 512 §9, 1977].

2.48.120 Greenwood Cemetery endowment care fund.

A. The endowment care fund which previously included endowment care moneys for the Greenwood Cemetery and the Palouse Fraternal Cemetery shall be consolidated into a single fund, to be known as the Greenwood Cemetery endowment care fund.

B. The city shall manage and invest the assets of this fund, together with any contributions thereto, in accordance with the applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the state. Any income attributable to such management and investment shall be transferred to the above described cemetery fund. [Ord. 512 §10, 1977].

2.48.130 Cemetery reserve fund.

A. Effective December 31, 2010, Fund No. 303, cemetery reserve, is closed.

B. All funds held in the cemetery reserve fund will be transferred to the cemetery fund. Cemetery fees shall be receipted to the cemetery fund. [Ord. 876 §§1, 2, 2010; Ord. 512 §11, 1977].

2.48.140 Payments by warrant.

No moneys shall be paid out of either the cemetery fund or the cemetery reserve fund except on warrants duly drawn and signed by the city clerk-treasurer and mayor after vouchers for the same have been duly approved by the cemetery committee and audited and allowed by the city council. [Ord. 512 §3, 1977; Ord. 312 §7, 1951].

2.48.145 Management of cemetery.

The management of any cemetery owned and operated by the city shall be under the direction and control of the city council. The city council may appoint a superintendent, or such other person or persons, as they see fit, in order to accomplish any work which must be done in or around such cemetery. No person shall receive any compensation for work done in or about the cemetery except that which is paid by the city. [Ord. 727 §3, 2000].

2.48.180 Deeds, plats, and records.

The city clerk-treasurer or cemetery superintendent shall maintain a file wherein any deeds which have been executed for cemetery lots shall be placed.

Furthermore, the city clerk-treasurer, cemetery superintendent or other person designated by the city council shall maintain a tract book wherein all cemetery plats, conveyances, and burials shall be recorded. [Ord. 727 §4, 2000; Ord. 512 §12, 1977].

2.48.190 Cemetery lot owners’ addresses.

It will be the responsibility of the individual cemetery lot owners to notify the city clerk-treasurer or cemetery superintendent of any change in their addresses. [Ord. 512 §13, 1977].