Chapter 17.32


17.32.010    Generally.

17.32.020    Purpose.

17.32.030    Conditions.

17.32.040    Examples.

17.32.050    Compliance with zoning district standards.

17.32.060    Procedures.

17.32.010 Generally.

The city council shall hear all applications for conditional use permits. Uses upon which conditions may be imposed must be specifically identified and allowed as conditional uses in the zoning district where it is located. (Ord. 97-550 § 8 (part), 1997)

17.32.020 Purpose.

The city council shall identify and state the purpose or purposes sought to be achieved by imposing conditions in connection with the conditional use permit. The city council shall base this determination upon provisions of the comprehensive land use plan which are applicable to the geographic area or proposed use in question, upon the purposes of this title, and upon the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. (Ord. 97-550 § 8(1), 1997)

17.32.030 Conditions.

The city council may impose any conditions upon granting the permit, subject to the following limitations:

A.    The conditions imposed are reasonably calculated to achieve the purposes identified in Section 17.32.020 of this chapter;

B.    That such conditions are the minimum necessary to achieve these purposes;

C.    That the proposed conditions will be in harmony with the terms of the comprehensive land use plan and this title;

D.    That the proposed conditions will protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

(Ord. 97-550 § 8(2), 1997)

17.32.040 Examples.

The following are examples of the types of conditions which the council may impose:

A.    Require a performance bond or acceptable surety in an amount and with conditions satisfactory to the council, providing for and securing to the city the performance of conditions imposed on the construction of improvements;

B.    Specify a time limit within which actions related to the permit shall be begun or completed or both;

C.    Require an annual review of the issued permit to assure compliance with any imposed conditions;

D.    Increase the required lot size or yard dimensions;

E.    Conditions related to automobile and pedestrian traffic control and design;

F.    Requirements to install landscaping, fencing, screening, or other visual barriers to separate incompatible uses;

G.    Controls on hours of operation;

H.    Controls on the generation of noise, color, air pollution, wastes, vibration, traffic, etc.

(Ord. 722 § 1(VV), 2014; Ord. 97-550 § 8(3), 1997)

17.32.050 Compliance with zoning district standards.

In addition to the conditions which may be recommended by the city council, a conditional use permit shall at least comply with the standards of the zoning district in which it is located. (Ord. 97-550 § 8(4), 1997)

17.32.060 Procedures.

Procedures for receiving applications, determining completeness of applications, public notice, public hearings, recommendations and action on conditional use permits shall be the same as that set forth above for variances in Sections 17.28.010 through 17.28.060 of this title. (Ord. 97-550 § 8(5), 1997)