Chapter 17.52


17.52.010    Generally.

17.52.020    Comprehensive plan.

17.52.030    Initiation.

17.52.040    Petition for amendment.

17.52.050    Procedures.

17.52.010 Generally.

Any provision of this title including the official zoning map may be amended by following the procedures of this chapter. (Ord. 97-550 § 13 (part), 1997)

17.52.020 Comprehensive plan.

No amendment to this title shall be adopted nor any rezone granted which is inconsistent with the comprehensive plan of the city, as now existing or hereafter amended. (Ord. 97-550 § 13(1), 1997)

17.52.030 Initiation.

An amendment to the text of this title or to the zoning map may be initiated by:

A.    Resolution of the city council;

B.    Recommendation of planning agency;

C.    Petition by a registered voter or landowner of the city.

(Ord. 722 § 1(GGG), 2014; Ord. 97-550 § 13(2), 1997)

17.52.040 Petition for amendment.

Petitions for amendment to the text of this title or to the zoning map shall be on forms provided by the administrator, and shall be filed with the city clerk together with the fee therefor, and together with completed SEPA environmental checklist and SEPA checklist fee. Petitions for amendment shall include a vicinity map and a complete legal description of the property for which amendment is sought and a written justification for said change. The petition shall be signed by the owner or owners of not less than sixty (60) percent of the acreage for which rezone is sought, and each signer shall give his or her name, address, and the description of the property owned by each such signer. (Ord. 97-550 § 13(3), 1997)

17.52.050 Procedures.

Procedures for receiving applications and fees, determining completeness of applications, public notice, public hearings, recommendations and action on amendments to the zoning text or map shall be the same as that set forth in Chapter 17.28 of this title, Variances. (Ord. 97-550 § 13(4), 1997)