Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Recodified.

2.40.020    Recodified.

2.40.030    Retirement and pension.

2.40.040    Enrollment in retirement and pension.

2.40.050    Officials to comply.

2.40.010 Civil service system adopted – Fire chief excluded.

Recodified at PTMC 2.68.040.

2.40.020 Civil service commission.

Recodified at PTMC 2.68.030.

2.40.030 Retirement and pension.

In order to make provision for retirement and pension for members of the Port Townsend volunteer fire department, all the provisions of Chapter 261, of the Laws of Washington enacted in the year 1945, are, without exception, hereby referred and by this reference made a part of PTMC 2.40.030 through 2.40.050 as fully and effectually as if set forth herein. (Ord. 1294 § 1, 1953).

2.40.040 Enrollment in retirement and pension.

Each volunteer fireman of the city desiring to avail himself of the provisions of the act shall enroll himself with the city clerk and comply with the provisions of the act. (Ord. 1294 § 2, 1953).

2.40.050 Officials to comply.

The officials of the city shall comply with all provisions of the act necessary to carry out the pension and retirement system. (Ord. 1294 § 3, 1953).