Title 5


5.04    Repealed

5.04A    Business and Occupation Tax

5.04B    Administrative Provisions for Business and Occupation Taxes

5.08    Business Licenses

5.12    Repealed

5.14    Port Townsend Master Cable Television Ordinance

5.15    Cable Television Service Regulation

5.16    Repealed

5.20    Garbage Collection

5.24    Laundries

5.28    Secondhand Dealers, Junk Dealers and Pawnbrokers

5.32    Sales and Performances on Streets and Sidewalks

5.36    Repealed

5.40    For Hire Vehicle Business

5.42    Horse Taxis

5.44    Repealed

5.45    Operation of Bed and Breakfast Inns and Tourist Homes

5.46    Repealed

5.52    Entertainment in Liquor-Licensed Premises

5.56    Dances and Dance Halls

5.64    Repealed

5.72    Repealed

5.76    Amusement and Vending Machines

5.80    Repealed

5.84    Utility Business Tax

5.88    Repealed

5.90    Ambulances

5.92    Licensing and Operation of Adult Entertainment Facilities

5.94    Solicitors

*    Code reviser’s note: Ord. 3287 changed references in this title to the development services department (DSD) to the planning and community development department (PCDD). These changes will be incorporated in the printed volume of the code as those pages are reprinted in future supplements. Users accessing the Internet version of the code will note that all of these references have already been changed.