Chapter 13.16


13.16.010    Meter ownership and installation.

13.16.020    Meter – Exchange and reinstallation.

13.16.030    Meter – Maintenance and repair.

13.16.040    Meter tests and adjustment of bill.

13.16.010 Meter ownership and installation.

All meters installed on water service connections by the department shall be and remain the property of the city and shall be removed only by the department. (Ord. 2579 § 1, 1997).

13.16.020 Meter – Exchange and reinstallation.

A. Change of Meter Size. Whenever the customer desires to change the size of a meter, a water service application shall be made to the department, and, upon approval, the exchange will be made at the expense of the owner, less credit for the usable value of the meter removed, if any, and the fees and charges shall be paid as set forth in Chapter 13.05 PTMC and council resolution.

B. Overload Meters. Whenever demand periodically exceeds the rated capacity of a meter to the extent that the meter may be damaged, the department shall notify the owner of this fact. After evaluating the owner’s requirements, the department shall advise what size meter is necessary to give proper service without damage to the meter. The estimate of cost covering such change shall be furnished by the department, upon request by the owner, without charge. If the owner does not make the required deposit for the installation of the larger meter and pay the system development charge within 30 days after the date of the notice, then the department shall install the proper size meter, charging the total cost to the owner or, if unpaid, the city may discontinue service. (Ord. 3051 § 1 (Exh. A), 2010; Ord. 2579 § 1, 1997).

13.16.030 Meter – Maintenance and repair.

A. The department shall maintain and repair all service meters and shall replace meters periodically, when necessary, if broken or inaccurate as a result of ordinary use.

B. When replacement or repairs to any meter are made necessary by the willful act, neglect or carelessness of the owner or occupant of the premises served, all expenses of such replacement shall be borne by the customer. (Ord. 2579 § 1, 1997).

13.16.040 Meter tests and adjustment of bill.

A. Water Meter Re-Read. Upon request from a customer, based upon a complaint that the water bill for any period has been excessive, the department shall have the meter re-read after the customer pays the fee set forth by council resolution to the city treasurer. If the re-read shows an inaccuracy the bill will be adjusted and no re-read will be charged.

B. If the customer requests that the meter be tested for accuracy, he or she must first pay the fee set forth by council resolution to the city treasurer. In case the test discloses an error of 10 percent or greater, the fee shall be refunded to the customer, a correct registering meter shall be installed and the customer’s account shall be credited with the excess consumption over the average consumption for the last previous reading, unless otherwise approved by the director. When the test discloses either no error or an error of 10 percent or less, the fee will be retained by the department to cover a part of the cost of such test. (Ord. 3051 § 1 (Exh. A), 2010; Ord. 2579 § 1, 1997).