Chapter 13.17


13.17.010    Purpose.

13.17.020    Cross-connection prohibited.

13.17.030    Cross-connection control policies and procedures.

13.17.040    Cross-connection control testing.

13.17.050    Customer responsibilities – Inspections.

13.17.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to protect the city water supply from contamination or pollution from potential cross-connections and assure that approved backflow devices are tested annually. (Ord. 2579 § 1, 1997).

13.17.020 Cross-connection prohibited.

The installation or maintenance of any cross-connection which would endanger the water supply of the city is prohibited. Any such cross-connection now existing or hereafter installed is hereby declared unlawful and shall be abated as set forth in the engineering design standards manual, and/or pursuant to any compliance order. (Ord. 2579 § 1, 1997).

13.17.030 Cross-connection control policies and procedures.

The control or elimination of cross-connections shall be in accordance with WAC 246‑290-490 et seq. The policies, procedures and criteria for determining appropriate levels of protection shall be in accordance with the Accepted Procedure and Practice in Cross Connection Control Manual – Pacific Northwest Section – American Water Works Association, 5th Edition or any superseding edition and the city’s engineering design standards manual. (Ord. 2579 § 1, 1997).

13.17.040 Cross-connection control testing.

The city has the right to require new or existing customers to inspect and test for cross-connection control as required by state or federal law, the engineering design standards manual, and/or pursuant to any compliance order. (Ord. 2579 § 1, 1997).

13.17.050 Customer responsibilities – Inspections.

A. Customer Responsibility. Water service to any premises shall be contingent upon the customer providing cross-connection control in a manner approved by the city. Backflow devices required to be installed shall be a model approved by the Washington State Department of Health.

B. Inspections. Inspection and right of entry for cross-connection control purposes shall be governed by Chapter 13.11 PTMC. Water service may be terminated or refused to any premises for failure to allow necessary inspections. (Ord. 2579 § 1, 1997).