Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    Purpose.

17.40.020    Applicability, application process and design review.

17.40.010 Purpose.

The general purposes of the mixed use development standards are as follows:

A. To promote a compatible mix of multifamily housing and neighborhood commercial businesses and services within multistory structures;

B. To protect established neighborhoods surrounding mixed use centers from incompatible uses, excessive noise, illumination, loss of privacy, and similar significant nuisances;

C. To ensure that mixed use developments are arranged, scaled, and designed to be compatible with surrounding land uses and provide sensitive transitions between significantly different land uses (e.g., commercial and residential uses);

D. To ensure that mixed use buildings are arranged, designed, and oriented to facilitate pedestrian and transit access;

E. To ensure adequate light, air, and readily accessible open space for mixed use developments in order to maintain public health, safety, and welfare;

F. To foster development that supports the safe and efficient movement of goods and people;

G. To encourage creativity and flexibility in the design of mixed use developments in a manner that maximizes unique site attributes and is compatible with the character and intensity of adjoining land uses. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 1997).

17.40.020 Applicability, application process and design review.

Applicability of this section, application procedure and the process for design review is pursuant to Chapters 17.44 and 17.46 PTMC. (Ord. 2840 § 2(Exh. E), 2003; Ord. 2571 § 2, 1997).