Chapter 3.57
2929 1/4% REAL ESTATE


3.57.010    Tax imposed.

3.57.020    Fund created.

3.57.010 Tax imposed.

There is hereby imposed on all sales taxable under RCW 82.46 which occur within the corporate limits of the city, an additional tax of 1/4 of one percent as authorized by RCW 82.46.035(1). (Ord. 2248 § 1, 1990).

3.57.020 Fund created.

There is hereby created within the funds of the city a special fund known as the “2929 Quarter Percent Real Estate Excise Tax Fund.” All payments from the tax imposed herein shall be deposited in said fund to be spent as authorized by law. (Ord. 2248 § 2, 1990).