Chapter 3.58


3.58.010    Created.

3.58.020    Purpose.

3.58.030    Transfer of monies.

3.58.040    Operation and disbursements.

3.58.010 Created.

There is created in the city of Puyallup a fund to be known as the jail commissary revolving fund, as an imprest fund of the general fund. The jail commissary revolving fund shall hereinafter, in this chapter, be referred to as the fund. (Ord. 2293 § 1, 1991).

3.58.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the fund shall be to provide funds for the purchase of an inventory to maintain and operate a jail commissary as required by WAC 289-22-200(1) and city Resolution 850. (Ord. 2293 § 2, 1991).

3.58.030 Transfer of monies.

There is authorized the transfer of $500.00 from the monies of the general fund to the fund. (Ord. 2293 § 3, 1991).

3.58.040 Operation and disbursements.

The fund shall be operated in accordance with Part 3, Chapter 3, Section E on petty cash of the Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting Systems Manual for the state of Washington as presently constituted or hereinafter amended. All disbursements will be made in cash, and the fund will be replenished by warrant or check in the manner of replenishing an imprest petty cash fund. (Ord. 2293 § 4, 1991).