Chapter 10.52


10.52.010    Sign placement authority.

10.52.020    Movement regulations.

10.52.030    Movement direction restriction authority.

10.52.040    Schedule of one-way streets.

10.52.010 Sign placement authority.

Whenever any ordinance of this city designates any one-way street or alley, the city manager shall place and maintain signs giving notice thereof, and no such regulation shall be effective unless such signs are in place. Signs indicating the direction of lawful traffic movement shall be placed at every intersection where movement of traffic in the opposite direction is prohibited. (Ord. 1522 § 30, 1968).

10.52.020 Movement regulations.

Upon those streets and parts of streets and in those alleys described in PMC 10.52.040, vehicular traffic shall move only in the indicated direction when signs indicating the direction of traffic are erected and maintained at every intersection where movement in the opposite direction is prohibited, and a vehicle passing around a rotary traffic island shall be driven only to the right of such island. (Ord. 1522 § 31, 1968).

10.52.030 Movement direction restriction authority.

(1) The city manager may, as authorized by ordinance, designate streets, parts of streets, or specific lanes thereon upon which vehicular traffic shall proceed in one direction during one period and the opposite direction during another period of the day and shall place and maintain appropriate markings, signs, barriers or other devices to give notice thereof. The city manager may erect signs temporarily designating lanes to be used by traffic moving in a particular direction, regardless of the centerline of the roadway.

(2) It is unlawful for any person to operate any vehicle in violation of such markings, signs, barriers, or other devices so placed in accordance with this section. (Ord. 1522 § 32, 1968).

10.52.040 Schedule of one-way streets.

In accordance with PMC 10.52.020 and when properly signposted, traffic shall move only in the direction indicated upon the following streets:

    Direction of

Name of Street     Traffic Movement

Wilson Drive from 7th Avenue N.W.
to 7th Avenue N.W.    South to North

Alley located south of Citizens

State Bank Building between Pioneer

Way East and 4th Avenue S.E.     East

Alley located north of Nettie’s Cafe
between 2nd Avenue S.W. and Main

Avenue West     East

Alley located east of the J.C. Penney

Building between Meridian Street and
2nd Street S.E.     South

Alley located west of Tribune Building
between Meridian Street and 2nd
Street S.W.     South

Meridian Street from River Road to

7th Avenue South     South

3rd Street S.E., as extended, from

South Meridian to the Burlington
Northern Railroad tracks     North

2nd Street N.E., as extended, from
the Burlington-Northern Railroad
tracks to North Meridian     North

Alley located on the north side of

East Stewart Avenue adjacent to

Mahaffie’s Cleaners midway between

Meridian Street and Second Street

Northeast     South

(Ord. 1660 §§ 1, 2, 1975; Ord. 1580 §§ 1, 2, 1971; Ord. 1522 § 111, 1968).