Chapter 20.37


20.37.000    FAIR zone.

20.37.005    Description and purpose.

20.37.010    Permitted uses – FAIR fairgrounds zone.

20.37.015    Use interpretations.

20.37.020    Property development and performance standards – FAIR zone.

20.37.035    Required parking – FAIR zone.

20.37.040    Signs.

20.37.000 FAIR zone.

The FAIR fairgrounds zone is hereby established. Properties so designated shall be subject to the provisions contained in this chapter. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.37.005 Description and purpose.

The FAIR fairgrounds zone is intended to apply to those properties under the ownership of the Western Washington Fair Association which constitute the Western Washington Fairgrounds. This establishes development standards intended to promote fair activities and ensure that such activities benefit the Puyallup community. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.37.010 Permitted uses – FAIR fairgrounds zone.

The following uses are permitted in the FAIR zone:

(1) Professional offices and services;

(2) General commercial uses;

(3) Commercial recreation uses;

(4) Road service uses;

(5) Public service uses;

(6) Agricultural uses;

(7) Agricultural support uses;

(8) Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to a permitted use;

(9) Accessory dwelling unit;

(10) Wireless communication facilities are permitted as a primary, accessory or conditional use, subject to the provisions of Chapter 20.59 PMC. (Ord. 2507 § 10, 1997; Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.37.015 Use interpretations.

Whenever a use is proposed for property in the FAIR zone, the planning director shall determine which of the use classifications set forth in PMC 20.37.010 the proposed use is classified under. All such determinations shall be based upon a finding that the use is consistent with the description and purpose for the FAIR zone set forth in PMC 20.37.005 and that the use is similar to and no more detrimental than the types of use examples provided in the definition of the relevant use classification set forth in Chapter 20.15 PMC. All determinations made under this section may be appealed to the hearing examiner pursuant to Chapter 20.87 PMC. (Ord. 2268 § 32, 1991; Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.37.020 Property development and performance standards – FAIR zone.

The following establishes required development and performance standards applicable to properties located in the FAIR zone:

(1) Landscaped Setbacks. There shall be a 25-foot landscaped yard setback along all FAIR zone boundaries that are common with any RS-, RM- or PDR-zoned property.

(2) Screening.

(a) Except for unpaved parking areas and entry areas, all uses in the FAIR zone shall be screened from adjacent properties not lying within the FAIR zone, and from rights-of-way, by an exterior wall, a sight-obscuring hedge or vegetative screen, a minimum six-foot-high sight-obscuring fence, or a combination of buildings, fences and vegetation. A waiver of this requirement may be granted by the planning director upon finding that:

(i) Screening would result in a substantial security or safety hazard; and

(ii) The lack of screening will not be substantially detrimental to the use or enjoyment of adjacent properties.

(b) In granting a waiver, the director may impose reasonable conditions necessary to ensure that the purposes of this section are served. The director’s decision to grant, conditionally grant or deny a waiver may be appealed by an affected person in the same manner as an interpretation review, under the provisions of Chapter 20.87 PMC.

(3) Building Heights. The maximum building height in the FAIR zone shall be 50 feet; provided, that the building height bonuses available within the CBD and CG zones, as described by PMC 20.30.032 PMC, shall also be available within the FAIR zone. Amusement facilities including, but not limited to roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and swings shall be exempt from this requirement.

(4) Required Landscaping. Wherever landscaping is required by this title or by conditions of approval of discretionary permits, such landscaping shall be permanently maintained in a neat and orderly manner. In no event shall such landscape areas be used to store materials or park vehicles.

(5) Trash Receptacles. Trash receptacles having a capacity in excess of one cubic yard shall be screened from view from adjacent properties and public rights-of-way. All such receptacles shall be set back at least 15 feet from any RS-, RM- or PDR-zoned property and shall be maintained in a neat and sanitary condition.

(6) Outdoor Lighting. Floodlighting shall be shielded to confine direct illumination within the property boundaries. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.37.035 Required parking – FAIR zone.

Off-street parking for properties within the FAIR zone shall be approved in accordance with Chapter 20.55 PMC, except that parking, other than parking for permanent fair staff, need not comply with PMC 20.55.030, 20.55.055, and 20.55.060. Off-street parking serving the fairgrounds but not provided on-site shall be located within 2,000 feet of the FAIR zone boundary, unless shuttle bus or similar transportation service is provided between the parking lot and the fairgrounds. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.37.040 Signs.

All signs within the FAIR zone intended to be visible from a public right-of-way shall conform to the provisions set forth in Chapter 20.60 PMC. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).