5.16.010    Chapter construction.

5.16.020    Taxicab defined.

5.16.030    License required.

5.16.040    Application information.

5.16.050    Fee – Duration.

5.16.060    Application submission – License issuance.

5.16.070    Examination – Fee.

5.16.080    Twenty-four hour operation.

5.16.090    Violation – Civil penalty.

5.16.010 Chapter construction.

This chapter shall be deemed and is hereby declared to be an exercise of the police power of the City, and for the protection of health, peace and morals, and shall be liberally construed to accomplish the purposes intended. (Ord 151 §1, 1947)

5.16.020 Taxicab defined.

"Taxicab" whenever used means and includes every motor vehicle that is used in the City for transporting people for hire, or for which any charge is made, but does not include school buses, ambulances or other buses that pass through the corporate limits and do not take on or let off passengers at points other than at a regular station. (Ord 151 §2, 1947)

5.16.030 License required.

It is unlawful to operate any motor driven vehicle as a taxicab upon any of the streets or alleys of the City without first securing and having in force a license from the City so to do, under the provisions and requirements of this chapter. This license is separate from and in addition to the business license that may be required under Chapter 5.06. (Ord 19-527 §9; Ord 151 §3, 1947)

5.16.040 Application information.

Any person, firm, or corporation desiring to engage in the taxicab business in the City must first make written application to the City Council so to do; which application shall contain the following information:

1. The number, kind, make, condition and seating capacity of the vehicle;

2. The ownership of each vehicle;

3. The amount of the encumbrance thereon, if any; and who holds the encumbrance;

4. The number of vehicles to be used;

5. The location in the City from where the taxicabs will be operated;

6. The amount of public liability and property damage insurance carried, and the name of the insurer;

7. The age of the applicant, whether single or married;

8. An agreement that he will conform to all of the conditions of this chapter; that he will truthfully answer any question asked him by the council or any member thereof; and that he consents to the revocation of his license for the violation of any provision in this chapter, or any violation of the state laws, ordinances of the City; or any conduct affecting health, peace or morals; or the use of abusive or vulgar language to or in the presence of customers;

9. And shall accompany the application with a fee of fifteen dollars, and if the applicant desires to use more than one taxicab, there shall also be a fee of five dollars for each additional taxicab. (Ord 151 §4, 1947)

5.16.050 Fee – Duration.

The application fee and license fee shall be good only for the calendar year in which the same is issued. (Ord 151 §5, 1947)

5.16.060 Application submission – License issuance.

The application shall be submitted to the City Council. The council shall make an investigation of the applicant, his honesty, ability, moral and physical fitness, his experience and age; and shall inspect the vehicles to be used, and the site from which he intends to operate; and such other matters and conditions as they may deem proper. If they find the applicant a proper person and his equipment suitable and with a proper stand, they may at their discretion order the Finance Officer/Clerk of the City to issue a license. (Ord 151 §6, 1947)

5.16.070 Examination – Fee.

All persons, before driving a taxicab as defined in Section 5.16.020, will be required to take an examination by a duly licensed physician showing that he is in good health, and shall demonstrate to the City Marshal that he is capable of handling a taxicab and driving in traffic; and upon the presentation of such proof to the City, the Finance Officer/Clerk shall issue a license to the applicant upon the payment of a fee of two dollars and fifty cents. For any infraction of any of the ordinances of the City, or the laws of the state relating to the laws of the road, his license may be suspended or revoked by the City Council. (Ord 151 §7, 1947)

5.16.080 Twenty-four hour operation.

Every holder of a taxicab license issued by the City, shall maintain twenty-four hour telephone service and shall have at least one taxicab available for twenty-four hour taxicab operation. (Ord 313 §1, 1959: Ord 151 §8, 1947)

5.16.090 Violation – Civil penalty.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter, shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction and shall be punished as provided in Section 1.01.110(A). Additionally, the council has full authority and power to revoke or suspend any license issued, provided the holder of such license shall be entitled to a hearing before the council prior to such revocation or suspension if requested. (Ord 613 §3, 1982: Ord 151 §9, 1947)