10.36.010    Use of coasters, roller skates, and similar devices restricted.

10.36.020    Driving through funeral or other procession.

10.36.030    Operators in a procession.

10.36.040    Funeral processions to be identified.

10.36.050    When permits required for parades and processions.

10.36.060    Vehicles shall not be driven on a sidewalk.

10.36.070    Riding horses on streets after dark.

10.36.080    Boarding or alighting from vehicles.

10.36.090    Unlawful riding.

10.36.100    Railroad trains not to block streets.

10.36.010 Use of coasters, roller skates, and similar devices restricted.

No person upon roller skates, or riding by means of any coaster, toy vehicle, or similar device, shall go upon any roadway except while crossing a street on a crosswalk and when so crossing, such person shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to pedestrians. This section shall not apply upon any street while set aside as a play street as authorized by ordinance of this City. The parent of any child and the guardian of any ward shall not authorize or knowingly permit any such child or ward to violate any of the provisions of this chapter and section. (Ord 215 §19, 1952)

10.36.020 Driving through funeral or other procession.

No operator of a vehicle shall drive between the vehicles comprising a funeral or other authorized procession while they are in motion and when the vehicles are conspicuously designated as required in Section 10.36.040. This provision shall not apply at intersections where traffic is controlled by traffic control signals unless a Police Officer is present at the intersections to direct traffic so as to preserve the continuity of the funeral procession. (Ord 215 §44, 1952)

10.36.030 Operators in a procession.

Each operator in a funeral or other procession shall drive as near to the right hand edge of the roadway as practical and shall follow the vehicle ahead as close as is practical and safe. (Ord 215 §45, 1952)

10.36.040 Funeral processions to be identified.

A funeral composed of a procession of vehicles shall be identified as such by the display upon the outside of each vehicle of a pennant or other identifying insignia or by such other method as may be determined and designated by the City Marshal. (Ord 215 §46, 1952)

10.36.050 When permits required for parades and processions.

With the exception of funeral processions and parades of the armed forces of the United States or the military forces of this state, no processions or parades shall be conducted on the City streets and the persons or groups to whom the permits are issued shall occupy, march, or proceed along any street in accordance with a permit issued by the City Marshal and such other regulations as are set forth herein which may be applicable. (Ord 215 §47, 1952)

10.36.060 Vehicles shall not be driven on a sidewalk.

The operator of a vehicle shall not drive within any sidewalk area except at a permanent or temporary driveway. (Ord 215 §48, 1952)

10.36.070 Riding horses on streets after dark.

It is unlawful for a person to ride a horse upon the public streets of the City, between the hours of dark and daylight, without first having obtained written permission from a member of the City Police Department. (Ord 215 §98, 1952)

10.36.080 Boarding or alighting from vehicles.

No person shall board or alight from any vehicle while the vehicle is in motion. (Ord 215 §50, 1952)

10.36.090 Unlawful riding.

No person shall ride on any vehicle upon any portion thereof not designed or intended for the use of passengers. This provision shall not apply to an employee engaged in the necessary discharge of a duty, or to persons riding within truck bodies intended for merchandise. (Ord 215 §51, 1952)

10.36.100 Railroad trains not to block streets.

It is unlawful for the directing officer or the operator of any railroad train to direct the operation of or to operate the same in such a manner as to prevent the use of any street for purposes of travel for a period of time longer than five minutes; provided, that this provision shall not apply in the following circumstances:

1. Where the City, through the Mayor, has issued a permit to a railroad operator in advance of such blocking, on such terms and conditions as the Mayor deems reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances; or

2. Trains or cars in motion other than those engaged in switching. (Ord 10-275 §1; Ord 215 §52, 1952)