12.08.010    Widths defined.

12.08.020    Sidewalks not provided on certain streets.

12.08.030    Sidewalk width.

12.08.040    Street width.

12.08.050    Sidewalk placement.

12.08.060    Variances.

12.08.010 Widths defined.

Specified street width shall be determined to mean width between outside edge of curbs; sidewalk width shall be deemed to mean width of sidewalks on one applicable side of street. (Ord 680 §5, 1985)

12.08.020 Sidewalks not provided on certain streets.

Due to right-of-way width restrictions, sidewalks were not provided on the following streets:

1. "A" Street northeast from Fourth Avenue northeast to Sixth Avenue northeast;

2. Division Street from Central Avenue to Fifth Avenue southeast;

3. Central Avenue from "F" Street south to "D" Street north;

4. From and after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter, all structures erected upon property along above enumerated streets shall be set back ten feet from the property line to provide for sidewalks. (Ord 680 §1, 1985)

12.08.030 Sidewalk width.

In business and commercial zones where structures are erected within twenty-five feet of the curbline, the sidewalk width shall be a minimum of ten feet. All other sidewalks in the City shall be a minimum of five feet in width. (Ord 680 §2, 1985)

12.08.040 Street width.

A. On all sixty foot rights-of-way within the corporate limits of the City, except those specifically enumerated in Section 12.08.020, street width shall be fifty feet, and all structures erected shall be located a minimum of forty feet from centerline.

B. On all eighty foot rights-of-way, street width shall be sixty feet. (Ord 680 §3, 1985)

12.08.050 Sidewalk placement.

Sidewalks shall be placed adjacent to curbs and the width of sidewalks specified shall not include width of curb. (Ord 680 §4, 1985)

12.08.060 Variances.

It shall be within the discretion of the City Council to establish by resolution, after public notice and hearing in accordance with Section 20.60.040, variances to this chapter in respect to the width of streets and sidewalks upon any particular street or sidewalk but in no event shall the width of such street or sidewalk be less than a minimum of sixty feet Right-of-Way width and forty five feet Curb-to-Curb width for street asphalt section widths and five feet for sidewalk widths. (Ord 06-174 §1, 2006; Ord 680 §6, 1985)