13.04.020    Definitions.

13.04.030    Applications for connection.

13.04.040    Meter required.

13.04.050    Meter supply.

13.04.060    Authority over meters and valves.

13.04.070    Installation and connection – Indemnity.

13.04.080    Service pipes and connections within private property.

13.04.090    Unauthorized extensions unlawful.

13.04.100    Groundwater well drilling – Statement of policy.

13.04.110    Groundwater well drilling prohibited.

13.04.120    Groundwater well drilling – Penalty – Enforcement.

13.04.130    Meter damage.

13.04.140    Water use during fire – Penalty.

13.04.020 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter, "Municipal Services Director" means the person appointed by the Mayor to service as the Municipal Services Director, and includes the designee of the Municipal Services Director. (Ord 19-538 §12)

13.04.030 Applications for connection.

A. Connections to the City’s water system are permitted only upon approval by the Municipal Services Director, the submission of a proper application, on a form approved by the Municipal Services Director, and payment of required fees.

B. The applicant for a connection to the City’s water system shall be the property owner or an authorized agent. (Ord 19-538 §13; Ord 96-07 §2)

13.04.040 Meter required.

Except for connections related to the express purpose of fire protection or suppression systems, connections to the City water system shall be made only through a water meter supplied by the Public Works Department. (Ord 96-07 §2)

13.04.050 Meter supply.

A. Water meter and mounting apparatus shall be supplied by the Department of Public Works.

B. Costs of the water meter and apparatus installation must be paid by the applicant. (Ord 96-07 §2)

13.04.060 Authority over meters and valves.

A. So long as water service is connected or available to the premises, all meters, valves, or other such devices up stream from the meter and including the meter shall remain subject to the strict regulation of the Public Works Department and no person may tamper with, repair, or replace any such items, without first obtaining the approval of the Public Works Department.

B. Meters and other such devices of a particular type or capacity shall be deemed fungible and the Public Works Department, in the course of maintenance and repair of meters and other such devices, may replace the same with others of equal condition and value.

C. This section shall not be construed to create any obligation on the part of the City to make repairs nor create liability or responsibility for acts or omissions of the property owner or any third party. (Ord 96-07 §2)

13.04.070 Installation and connection – Indemnity.

A. All costs incident to the installation of a water meter and the connection to the City’s water system shall be paid by the owner of the property.

B. All work in preparation for the installation of the water meter and connection to the City’s water system shall be accomplished by the owner of the property. All actual connections to the City’s water system, whether to mains or to service stubs, shall be accomplished by the Public Works Department and not by the owner of the property. Provided, however, an owner may install water services to individual lots at the owner’s cost during the installation of water mains that will serve said lots, required as public improvements to a subdivision under the following conditions:

1. The water services shall be shown on the preliminary plat, along with approved details for service installation.

2. All installations shall be inspected and approved by the Municipal Services Director.

3. All required testing of the installed water main shall be performed with the service saddles and corporation stops installed.

4. After installation, inspection and testing, the Public Works Department shall install a locking device to prohibit the operation of the meter setter.

5. At such time that the property owner desires to initiate water service, the owner shall pay the connection fee as set forth in the City’s Rate Resolution.

C. The owner and/or agent performing any work covered in this chapter must indemnify the City from any loss, liability or damage that may directly or indirectly be occasioned by the performance of such work and be responsible to repair and restore any defects or problems in the vicinity of the construction for a period of two years from the date of inspection by the Municipal Services Director. (Ord 19-538 §14; Ord 15-456 §6 (Ex A); Ord 04-143 §1; Ord 02-104 §1; Ord 99-51 §§1, 2; Ord 96-07 §2)

13.04.080 Service pipes and connections within private property.

A. The service pipe connections and other apparatus within any private premises must be kept in good repair and protected from freezing at the expense of the owner, who will be responsible for all damages resulting from leaks and breaks.

B. All repairs to any portion of a facility or the water supply system located on private property are the responsibility of the property owner, who shall receive permission to conduct the repairs from the Municipal Services Director before commissioning same. In the event the Municipal Services Director orders such repairs to be performed by the City or others for the protection of the system and/or public health and safety, such repairs shall be paid for by the property owner as a condition of continued service. The City shall have all rights to enforce the payment for maintenance and repair established in Chapter 3.05.

C. This section shall not be construed to create any obligation on the part of the City to make repairs. (Ord 19-538 §15; Ord 96-07 §2)

13.04.090 Unauthorized extensions unlawful.

Extensions of City utilities services from any building or premises to other buildings or premises without submitting written application therefor to the Municipal Services Director, payment of required fees, and the Municipal Services Director’s approval are unlawful. (Ord 19-538 §16; Ord 96-07 §2)

13.04.100 Groundwater well drilling – Statement of policy.

It is in the best interest of the residents of the City that a uniform source of domestic water be provided for domestic purposes. In addition, hazards exist where a property owner cross-connects domestic water provided by the City with a private domestic well. Furthermore, charges for sewer services are based upon the amount of water delivered to a service connection and use of separate private domestic wells will prejudice the accuracy of sewer billings. Based upon these findings, the drilling of groundwater wells within the City shall be restricted as set out in section 13.04.110. (Ord 07-203, §1; Ord 98-32 §1)

13.04.110 Groundwater well drilling prohibited.

Except for municipal purposes by the City and for industrial uses as approved by the City, no person, firm or corporation may drill a domestic, irrigation or other groundwater well within the corporate limits of the City or use water from such a well. Groundwater wells for municipal purposes within the City limits by the City of Quincy are exempt from the provisions of this section. (Ord 07-203, §2; Ord 98-32 §2)

13.04.120 Groundwater well drilling – Penalty – Enforcement.

A. Every person who violates the provisions of Section 13.04.110 shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction and shall be subject to a penalty as provided in Chapter 1.01 of this code. Each violation shall constitute a separate violation. Each day a violation exists constitutes a separate violation of Section 13.04.110.

B. The first violation of Section 13.04.110 shall subject the violator to a C-15 penalty as provided in Section 1.01.118 of this code.

C. Each second or subsequent violation of Section 13.04.110 within a twelve-month period shall subject the violator to a C-7 penalty as provided in Section 1.01.118 of this code.

D. In addition to the above monetary penalties, the City may enforce the abatement of any violation of Section 13.04.110 pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 17.13. (Ord 98-32 §3, 1998)

13.04.130 Meter damage.

A. No unauthorized person shall be allowed to maliciously, wilfully or negligently break, damage, destroy, deface or tamper with the water meter, shutoff valve, meterbox and lid, nor any other apparatus which is part of the City’s water system.

B. Any person who shall violate the provision of this section shall become liable to the City for any charges for the loss or damages incurred.

C. Water to the premises shall be shut off until the charges are paid. (Ord 527 1978: Ord 124 §5, 1940)

13.04.140 Water use during fire – Penalty.

It is unlawful for any person to use water for other than household purposes during any time in which there is a fire in the City, and any person found guilty of knowingly violating this provision shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon being found guilty, shall be punished as provided in Section 1.01.110. (Ord 124 §6, 1940)