15.36.010    Purpose.

15.36.020    Maintenance standards.

15.36.030    Enforcement.

15.36.040    Effectiveness.

15.36.010 Purpose.

The City Council finds that unkempt, unsafe, unsanitary, and otherwise improperly maintained premises and structures, sidewalks, and easements within the City, in addition to the obvious hazards which these conditions pose to the public health, safety and welfare, adversely affect the value, utility and habitability of the property within the City as a whole and specifically cause substantial damage to adjoining and nearby property. A property which is merely unkempt may substantially reduce the value of adjoining and nearby property and there are sufficient properties which are unkempt, unsightly and dangerous, that the habitability and economic well-being of the City are materially and adversely affected. (Ord 05-155, §2)

15.36.020 Maintenance standards.

All buildings and premises within the City shall be maintained to the following minimum standards, the failure of which shall constitute a nuisance, as defined and described in Chapter 9.10:

A. Windows and Doors.

1. All windows and doors shall be secured from illegal entry.

2. Broken glass in windows or doors must be repaired, replaced or covered immediately upon discovery of the breakage or upon notification by the City;

3. If broken windows or doors are to be temporarily covered, they shall be covered with wood or other durable material. The pieces of temporary covering shall be cut to the same dimensions as the window or door opening and painted to match the exterior appearance of the building.

B. Siding and Paint.

1. Siding must be in good repair with no loose or missing boards;

2. Building paint must be in good repair with less than 10 percent of the exterior wall surface displaying faded, chipped or peeling paint.

C. Roofing. Roofing must be kept in good repair with no roofing element missing or loose.

D. Landscaping.

1. Vegetation on premises shall be maintained at all times;

2. No noxious weeds shall be allowed to grow on premises;

3. Areas of sod, plants or trees shall be irrigated and maintained to prevent a fire hazard or nuisance to neighboring properties, or a traffic hazard for sidewalks and streets. (Ord 05-155, §2)

15.36.030 Enforcement.

A. Penalty. Any person, firm or corporation subject to this chapter who shall fail or refuse to comply with this chapter shall be guilty of a civil infraction and shall be subject to a C-12 penalty for a first offense, a C-7 penalty for a second offense and a C-4 penalty for a third offense in accordance with Chapter 17.15 of the Quincy Municipal Code.

B. Abatement. Any condition of inadequate maintenance of buildings and premises being a nuisance, the City may abate such occurrences pursuant to the provisions of Chapters 9.10 and 17.15. (Ord 05-155, §2)

15.36.040 Effectiveness.

This Chapter is an exercise of the City’s police power, and it shall be liberally constructed to effect this purpose. The provision of this chapter shall apply immediately to all buildings and premises, as they exist on the effective date of the ordinance creating this chapter. (Ord 05-155, §2)