16.08.010    Corporation counsel.

16.08.020    Municipality.

16.08.030    Combustible waste materials.

16.08.040    Combustible containers.

16.08.010 Corporation counsel.

Wherever "corporation counsel" is used in the Uniform Fire Code, it means the attorney for the City. (Ord 93-31 §1, 1993: Ord 451 §1, 1973: Ord 330 §3B, 1961)

16.08.020 Municipality.

Wherever "municipality" is used in the Uniform Fire Code, it means the City. (Ord 93-31 §1; Ord 451 §1, 1973: Ord 330 §3A, 1961)

16.08.030 Combustible waste materials.

"Combustible waste materials" means accumulations of waste paper, hay, grass, straw, weeds, litter, or combustible or flammable waste or rubbish of any kind. All weeds, grass, vines, or other growth or vegetation or any other type of debris capable of burning or liable to be fired, when the same endangers property, shall be deemed to be combustible waste materials. (Ord 93-31 §1; Ord 351 §2, 1963)

16.08.040 Combustible containers.

"Combustible containers" means all fruit and/or vegetable boxes, bins, pallets, cartons, totes and trays used in the processing or storage of fruit or vegetables. (Ord 93-31 §1)