20.54.010    Home occupation purpose.

20.54.020    Permits for home occupations.

20.54.030    Permitted occupations.

20.54.040    Participation restricted.

20.54.050    Floor area limitation.

20.54.060    Advertising and appearance restricted.

20.54.070    Accessory building use prohibited.

20.54.080    Retail sales prohibited.

20.54.090    Traffic and parking restricted.

20.54.100    Noise and interference prohibited.

20.54.110    Prohibited occupations.

20.54.010 Home occupation purpose.

A home occupation means any endeavor conducted for financial gain or profit in a dwelling unit where the endeavor is not generally characteristic of activities for which the dwelling units are intended or designed, provided, that endeavors where the only activities include the receipt of mail, the use of a telephone, the occasional commercial delivery of goods and materials not inconsistent with such vehicular traffic in residential neighborhoods, are not considered home occupations subject to permitting requirements under this title. To be defined as a home occupation, the occupation or activity:

1. Must be carried entirely within a residence.

2. Must be clearly incidental to the use of the residence as a dwelling.

3. Must not change the residential character of a dwelling.

4. Must be conducted in such a manner as to not give any outward appearance nor manifest any characteristic of a business in the ordinary meaning of the term.

5. Must not infringe upon the right of the neighboring residents to enjoy a peaceful occupancy of their homes for which purpose the residential zone was created and primarily intended.

6. An occupation which does not meet this definition or which is incapable of or does not comply with the general requirements of this chapter shall not be deemed a home occupation. (Ord 13-314 §1; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))

20.54.020 Permits for home occupations.

Home occupations, as authorized by this chapter, may be permitted by the Land Use Administrator pursuant to the process established by Chapter 17.09, which is in addition to the business license required under Chapter 5.06 before engaging in business activities in the City. (Ord 19-527 §12; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))

20.54.030 Permitted occupations.

Permissible home occupations include but are not limited to the following:

1. Accounting and tax consulting;

2. Artist studio;

3. Architecture, engineering, contractor, or similar professions;

4. Dressmaking, sewing, or similar professions;

5. Music or dance instruction;

6. Catering and party decor;

7. Office facilities used in conjunction with business activities conducted off the premises, e.g., clergymen, salesmen, brokers, professional persons, etc.;

8. Tutoring;

9. Massage therapists;

10. Small household appliance repairs.

The above home occupations are limited to one client at a time on the premises. (Ord 13-314 §1; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))

20.54.040 Participation restricted.

Only family shall be allowed to engage in a home occupation at that dwelling. (Ord 13-314 §1; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))

20.54.050 Floor area limitation.

The use of the dwelling unit for the home occupation shall be clearly incidental and subordinate to residential purposes by its family. Not more than thirty percent or six hundred square feet of the gross floor area whichever is less shall be used in the conduct of the home occupation. (Ord 13-314 §1; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))

20.54.060 Advertising and appearance restricted.

There shall be no change in the outside appearance of the building or premises, or other visible evidence of the conduct of such home occupation. (Ord 13-314 §1; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))

20.54.070 Accessory building use prohibited.

No home occupation shall be conducted in any accessory building. (Ord 13-314 §1; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))

20.54.080 Retail sales prohibited.

There shall be no retail sales of merchandise in connection with such home occupation. (Ord 13-314 §1; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))

20.54.090 Traffic and parking restricted.

No traffic shall be generated by such home occupation in greater volumes than would normally be expected in a residential neighborhood. Off-street parking shall be provided per the requirements of Chapter 20.46, Off-Street Parking. (Ord 13-314 §1; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))

20.54.100 Noise and interference prohibited.

No equipment or process shall be used in such home occupation, which creates noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors, or electrical interference detectable to the normal senses off the lot, if the occupation is conducted in a single-family residence, or outside the dwelling unit if conducted in other than a single-family residence. In the case of electrical interference, no equipment or process shall be used which creates visual or audible interference in any radio or television receivers off the premises, or causes fluctuations in line voltage off the premises. (Ord 13-314 §1; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))

20.54.110 Prohibited occupations.

Prohibited home occupations include but are not limited to the following:

1. Barber shops;

2. Beauty parlors;

3. Kennels;

4. Stables;

5. Animal hospitals;

6. Pet grooming;

7. Real estate offices;

8. Restaurants;

9. Medical and dental offices or clinics;

10. Vehicle repair, painting, servicing and renting;

11. Welding and metal work;

12. Cabinet, carpentry, and paint shops;

13. Mortuaries;

14. Private or nursery schools;

15. Private clubs. (Ord 13-314 §1; Ord 08-243 §9 (Ex C))