20C.40.110 Downtown Street Tree Plan.

20C.40.110-010 General.

Street trees within the Downtown neighborhood shall be provided as noted on the map entitled “Downtown Street Tree Plan” which is on file in the office of the Planning Department. As property is developed or redeveloped, trees shall be installed or otherwise provided for by the property owner/developer. For streets which do not list tree types or spacing requirements, refer to the City of Redmond Street Tree Plan. (Ord. 2302; Ord. 1901)

20C.40.110-020 Requirements.

(1)    Location. Trees shall be spaced on average as noted on the Downtown Street Tree Plan. Trees shall be planted in parkways where they exist or are required per RCDG 20C.40.105. Where sidewalks are required to be contiguous with street curbs, trees shall be planted in irrigated tree wells, with City-approved root barriers, next to the street. Street trees may be grouped in larger planters near the curb, if found more appropriate through site plan entitlement. Street trees disallowed due to inadequate parkway width, street furniture, driveways, or utilities shall be planted in the abutting yard area.

(2)    Street trees shall be planted according to guidelines outlined in Chapter 20D.80 RCDG, Landscaping and Tree Protection. (Ord. 2302; Ord. 1901)