2-8-1:    Creation Of The Renton Municipal Arts Commission

2-8-2:    Purpose

2-8-3:    Members

2-8-4:    Function

2-8-5:    Arts And Culture Master Plan

2-8-6:    One Percent For Arts Program

2-8-7:    City Art Collection


There is hereby created the Renton Municipal Arts Commission (“Commission”). (Ord. 5155, 9-26-05; Ord. 5838, 6-12-17)

2-8-2 PURPOSE:

A.    The City of Renton recognizes and acknowledges the importance of and benefit to the public in providing visual art and performance in its public works and facilities and in the community as a whole. The City encourages and promotes such art and the work of artists, particularly as this work may reflect the diverse cultures inherent in Renton. It shall therefore be the policy of the City, unless otherwise prohibited or limited by law, to direct and further the inclusion of art in its public projects.

B.    In addition, the City encourages and supports the inclusion of art, especially as it may be accessible to the public, in private development projects.

C.    The term “art” shall be liberally construed and includes the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty and is of aesthetic value. (Ord. 5155, 9-26-05; Ord. 5365, 3-24-08; Ord. 5838, 6-12-17)

2-8-3 MEMBERS:

A.    The Municipal Arts Commission (“Commission”) shall consist of thirteen (13) members appointed by the Mayor or designee and subject to confirmation by a majority of the members of the City Council. Of those thirteen (13) members, at least four (4) members shall be residents of the City, and at least one (1) member shall be between 15 and 21 years of age.

B.    Membership on the Commission shall, whenever possible, include members from a variety of art fields and related professions. The Commission shall elect a chair, vice-chair, and secretary on an annual basis.

C.    Each Commissioner appointed to serve on the Commission shall be entitled to serve a three (3) year term. No fewer than three (3) of the terms shall expire each year. Members of the Commission may be removed at any time for any reason by the appointing authority. Vacancies for the remainder of unexpired terms shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.

D.    All members of the Commission shall serve without compensation for such service. (Ord. 5155, 9-26-05; Ord. 5684, 3-25-13; Ord. 5838, 6-12-17. Formerly 2-8-4, 2-8-5, 2-8-6)


A.    In addition to the requirements imposed by this Chapter, the Commission shall adhere to the bylaws of the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, as approved by the City Council and adopted by the Commission, a copy of which shall be filed with the City Clerk.

B.    The Commission shall advise the Mayor or designee and City Council on matters relating to the artistic and cultural development of the City, particularly as they may implement the City of Renton Art and Culture Plan and the One Percent for Art Program. The Commission shall also act as the conservator and curator of the City Art Collection.

C.    The Commission shall be responsible for reviewing the design, execution, and acceptance of works of art funded or otherwise offered to or acquired by the City. The Commission shall be responsible for disbursing money budgeted to it for cultural arts performances and other events, arts-related programs and activities, and support of artists and arts and cultural organizations, as resources allow. Any such funded performance must be held in Renton, primarily benefit Renton residents and, to the greatest extent possible, be offered free of charge or at reduced rates.

D.    The Commission shall seek, whenever appropriate, alternative sources of funding for furthering visual, performing, and cultural arts in Renton. (Ord. 5155, 9-26-05; Ord. 5365, 3-24-08; Ord. 5684, 3-25-13; Ord. 5838, 6-12-17. Formerly 2-8-3)


A.    The Commission shall implement and periodically update the Arts and Culture Master Plan. The Commission shall consult with the Mayor or designee, elected and appointed officials, staff of various City departments, and other stakeholders during any update of the Plan to ensure inclusion of the City’s vision and goals as they relate to arts and culture in the Plan.

B.    The Commission’s implementation of the Arts and Culture Master Plan shall be subject to oversight by the Mayor or designee and City Council. (Ord. 5838, 6-12-17)


A.    The One Percent for Arts Program shall result in the fabrication or selection and acquisition of art to be installed and added to the City Art Collection.

1.    The One Percent for Arts Program shall be funded by the amount equal to one percent (1%) of the actual total project cost of Capital Improvement Projects, upon budgeting therefor by the City Council and authorization by the Mayor or designee, with exceptions noted herein.

2.    The amount transferred to the One Percent for Art Fund (“Fund”), shall be based on the Capital Improvement Project’s cost used for budgetary planning purposes. The amount transferred to the Fund shall be adjusted up or down from that amount, based on the actual total project cost after it has been completed.

3.    Definition of Capital Improvement Project: For the purpose of this Chapter, a Capital Improvement Project shall be a reference to any public building, decorative or commemorative structure, park, street, sidewalk, parking facility, or any portion thereof, within the City limits, which will be constructed, renovated or remodeled, and paid for wholly or in part by the City, and the total project cost of which exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to construct, renovate, or remodel.

4.    The definition of a Capital Improvement Project shall not include the City’s water and sewer utility capital projects.

5.    In the event any law, rule or regulation establishing a source of funds for a particular project, including but not limited to grants, loans, or assistance from Federal, State or other governmental units, specifically prohibits, limits or excludes artwork as a proper project expenditure, then the amount of funds from such source shall be specifically excluded in computing the one percent (1%) amount of the total project cost. Other funds for the project, however, will be subject to the Fund assessment.

B.    Works of art to be funded by the One Percent for Arts Program shall follow the guidelines of this section.

1.    Whenever a work of art is to be funded under this Chapter, the Commission shall, in consultation with the Mayor, initiate the project by selecting the appropriate site for a work of art and, following consultation with the Mayor or designee, recommend the art project to the City Council.

2.    The City Council shall consider the recommendation of the Commission and either approve or reject the recommended art project.

3.    Should the City Council approve the art project, then the City shall proceed to contract with the appropriate artist or artists to acquire or fabricate the work of art.

4.    The contract with the artist or artists will be administered by Community and Economic Development Department staff.

C.    The One Percent for Art Fund shall not be utilized for maintenance, restoration, or repair of the City Art Collection, including for works of art funded by the One Percent for Arts Program. (Ord. 5155, 9-26-05; Ord. 5365, 3-24-08; Ord. 5838, 6-12-17. Formerly 2-8-7)


A.    The Commission shall serve as steward of the City Art Collection (“Collection”). It is the responsibility of the Commission to manage the Collection by maintaining an accurate inventory of works. The Commission shall, on an annual basis, inspect the Collection in order to provide verification to the Mayor or designee and City Council of the location and condition of all works in the Collection.

B.    The Commission shall have authority to rotate, re-site, and display works from the Collection at its discretion, subject to the requirements of this chapter. Meaningful access by the public, security of the Collection, and appropriateness of the location shall be primary considerations of the Commission. Works from the Collection shall not be located in private offices or other locations not accessible to the public.

C.    Items in the Collection may be loaned to nonprofit or public cultural organizations or agencies for exhibition purposes when the exhibition will share the work with new audiences, promote scholarship, or offer new consideration of the work or art or artist. Loans shall not be made for commercial purposes.

D.    The Commission shall maintain a conservation policy from which it may prepare specifications for a maintenance plan for the Collection. Funds budgeted to the Commission shall not be used for maintenance of the Collection. Artwork maintenance shall be performed by the City’s Facilities Division, unless maintenance or restoration of artwork in the Collection requires a level of skill beyond that of Facilities Department personnel, as determined by the Commission and the Facilities Department.

E.    Works of art under consideration to be added to the Collection, whether by purchase, creation, gift, or other means of acquisition, shall be evaluated by the Commission as to appropriateness prior to acceptance. Such consideration shall be guided by Acquisition Policies as delineated in the Commission bylaws.

F.    The Commission may occasionally find it necessary to deaccession work or works from the Collection, which shall be done in accordance with Deaccession Policies in the Commission’s bylaws. (Ord. 5838, 6-12-17)


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