Chapter 2.24


2.24.010    Officer’s bonds – General requirements.

2.24.020    Positions – Amounts.

2.24.030    Blanket bond.

2.24.040    Bonds – Form – Sufficiency.

2.24.050    Applicability.

2.24.060    Persons serving in two or more offices.

2.24.070    Blanket bond – Call for bids.

2.24.080    Compliance – Crime and fidelity policy.

2.24.010 Officer’s bonds – General requirements.

Every officer of the city filling the positions designated in RMC 2.24.020, whether on a permanent, temporary or acting basis, shall each be bonded by a position bond conditioned on the faithful and proper performance of his or her duties and for the payment and delivery over of all monies and property belonging to the city, as provided by law. [Ord. 92 § 1.01; Ord. 31-21 § 1].

2.24.020 Positions – Amounts.

The following officers shall be bonded in the following amounts:

City Manager


Finance Director


Accounting Supervisor


Purchasing Manager


[Ord. 92 § 1.02; Ord. 31-21 § 1].

2.24.030 Blanket bond.

Every other officer and employee of the city shall be bonded by a public employee’s faithful performance blanket position bond.

The bond shall be conditioned to indemnify and save the city harmless from any and all loss sustained by the city due to theft, dishonesty, fraudulent conduct, or failure of the officer or employee to faithfully perform the duties of his or her office or position.

The amount of liability for each officer or employee covered by the bond shall be $5,000. [Ord. 92 § 1.03; Ord. 40-98; amended during 2011 recodification; Ord. 31-21 § 1].

2.24.040 Bonds – Form – Sufficiency.

All bonds under this chapter shall be furnished with a surety company lawfully authorized to do business in the state of Washington as surety thereon; each bond shall be for no less than an annual period; and the premiums on the bonds shall be paid by the city on vouchers duly certified as provided by law. The city attorney shall approve the form of all such bonds. The finance director shall approve the sufficiency of all such bonds except the bond of the finance director, the sufficiency of which shall be approved by the city manager. All such bonds shall be filed with the finance director, except that the bond of the finance director shall be filed with the city manager.

No bond shall be held void because of any defect in form, recital, condition or substance, nor shall any principal or surety be discharged from liability thereon because of any such defect. This provision shall be included in every such bond. [Ord. 92 § 1.04; Ord. 31-21 § 1].

2.24.050 Applicability.

No officer or employee shall enter upon his or her duties unless he or she is covered by a bond required herein. [Ord. 92 § 1.05; Ord. 40-98; Ord. 31-21 § 1].

2.24.060 Persons serving in two or more offices.

Any person who shall serve at the same time in two or more offices or positions requiring bonds under this chapter shall only be bonded in an amount equal to that required for that office or position which he or she fills requiring the greatest amount of liability coverage, but the bond shall apply to all offices or positions filled by that person. [Ord. 92 § 1.06; Ord. 40-98; Ord. 31-21 § 1].

2.24.070 Blanket bond – Call for bids.

The city manager may call for bids to furnish a public employee’s faithful performance blanket position bond, which bond shall contain the conditions herein prescribed and such additional conditions as are usual and as are set forth in the form of any such bond which shall accompany each bid submitted. [Ord. 92 § 1.07; Ord. 31-21 § 1].

2.24.080 Compliance – Crime and fidelity policy.

The individual faithful performance bond requirements in this chapter may be satisfied by the purchase of a crime and fidelity policy, endorsed to include faithful performance of duty coverage for the positions specified, in an amount of not less than $1,000,000. [Ord. 31-21 § 1].