Chapter 9.52


9.52.010    Residential facilities prohibited.

9.52.020    Violations – Civil infraction.

9.52.010 Residential facilities prohibited.

No vehicle, trailer, camper, bus, residential vehicle, tent, or other temporary facility or structure shall be used as a place of residential accommodation for a significant period of time outside of any lawfully permitted RV park, mobile home park, or campground. For purposes of this chapter, a significant period of time is defined as a period of time exceeding 15 consecutive days. (Ord. 17-159 § 1).

9.52.020 Violations – Civil infraction.

Any individual who violates the provisions of RIMC 9.52.010 and/or any owner of property where a violation of RIMC 9.52.010 is permitted to exist shall be guilty of a civil infraction subject to a monetary penalty of up to $500.00 for each day the violation continues to exist. (Ord. 17-159 § 1).