Chapter 2.45


2.45.010    Created.

2.45.020    Appointment.

2.45.030    Powers and duties.

2.45.040    Offices abolished.

Prior legislation: Ords. 44 and 136.

2.45.010 Created.

There shall be a police department which shall consist of a chief of police and one police officer, and policemen named as hereinafter provided, and the said police department shall be under the direction and control of the chief of police, subject to the direction of the mayor. [Ord. 224 § 1, 1915.]

2.45.020 Appointment.

The mayor shall appoint the chief of police and the police officer, which appointments shall be subject to the confirmation of the city council. [Ord. 224 § 2, 1915.]

2.45.030 Powers and duties.

For the suppression of any riot, public tumult, disturbance of the peace or resistance against the laws or public authorities in the lawful exercise of their functions, the chief of police shall have the powers that are now or may hereafter be conferred upon sheriffs by the laws of the state, and shall in all respects be entitled to the same protection. His lawful orders shall be promptly executed by deputies, police officers and watchmen in said city, and every citizen shall also lend him aid when required, for the arrest of offenders and maintenance of public order. He shall also have power to pursue and arrest outside the city limits, if necessary, all or any violators of the city ordinances. He shall and is hereby authorized to execute and return all process issued and directed to him by any legal authority. It shall be his duty to prosecute, before the police justice, all breaches or violations of or noncompliance with any city ordinance which shall come to his knowledge. He shall have charge of the city prison and prisoners, and of any chain gang which may be established by the city council. He shall, for service of any process, receive the same fees as constables. He may also, with the concurrence of the mayor, when the same may be by them deemed necessary for the preservation of public order, appoint additional policemen who shall discharge the duties assigned them for one day only. He shall perform any further duties imposed upon him by ordinance of the city or law of the state. [Ord. 224 § 5, 1915.]

2.45.040 Offices abolished.

The offices of day marshal and night marshal are hereby abolished. [Ord. 224 § 6, 1915.]