Chapter 2.48


2.48.010    Created.

2.48.020    Department of emergency management.

2.48.030    Appointment of director.

2.48.040    Duties of director.

2.48.050    Annual meeting.

2.48.060    Fund established.

2.48.070    Sharing of expenses.

2.48.080    Operational responsibility.

2.48.090    Local emergency planning committee.

2.48.100    Disaster declarations.

2.48.110    Director of emergency management – Authority.

2.48.010 Created.

An emergency management council (EMC) is created, to be composed of the town administrator of Friday Harbor and the San Juan County administrator, and to be known as the San Juan County-Friday Harbor emergency management council (EMC), all under the authority of Chapter 38.52 RCW. (Ord. 4-2008 § 2; Ord. 12-2006 § 1; Ord. 9-1998 § 2)

2.48.020 Department of emergency management.

A local organization for emergency management is created, to be called the San Juan County-Friday Harbor department of emergency management. (Ord. 12-2006 § 2; Ord. 9-1998 § 3)

2.48.030 Appointment of director.

A director of the department of emergency management shall be appointed by the emergency management council. The director shall have the direct responsibility for the administration and operation of the department, subject to the direction of the emergency management council. (Ord. 12-2006 § 3; Ord. 9-1998 § 4)

2.48.040 Duties of director.

The director shall be empowered and directed to:

A. Prepare emergency plans and programs for San Juan County, in accordance with the state comprehensive emergency plan and program.

B. Manage the emergency management organization for the County.

C. Represent the emergency organization of this County in all dealings with the public and public and private agencies pertaining to emergency management and disasters. (Ord. 12-2006 § 4; Ord. 9-1998 § 5)

2.48.050 Annual meeting.

The emergency management council shall meet at least once per year. The meeting date shall be agreed upon by the members of the council. At the annual meeting, the emergency management director shall present an annual report outlining goals and objectives for the upcoming year and accomplishments from the previous. (Ord. 12-2006 § 5; Ord. 9-1998 § 6)

2.48.060 Fund established.

A special pool of funds, to be administered through the San Juan County treasurer, is established which shall be known as the San Juan County-Friday Harbor emergency management fund, into which all funds budgeted by the County and the town of Friday Harbor for such joint organization and operation shall be deposited and out of which shall be paid all expenses thereof in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 36.22 RCW. This funding is intended for normal operating costs of the department, and is not intended to be used for operating costs during emergencies. (Ord. 9-1998 § 7)

2.48.070 Sharing of expenses.

The budget recommendation for the department shall be set by the emergency management council at the annual meeting. The County and the town of Friday Harbor shall contribute on a fair and equitable basis as determined by the emergency management council. Said budget shall be subject to the approval of the County council and the town of Friday Harbor council. In the event that an equitable sharing of expenses cannot be agreed upon, the Washington State Emergency Management Council shall decide upon the division of costs, in accordance with RCW 38.52.070. (Ord. 4-2008 § 3; Ord. 9-1998 § 8)

2.48.080 Operational responsibility.

The operation of the department shall be conducted by the employees of the department, who shall be responsible to the director thereof, subject to the direction and control of the EMC. All employees of the department, including the director, shall be employees of the County, which shall exercise such legislative authority as may be necessary to effectuate such employment. (Ord. 9-1998 § 9)

2.48.090 Local emergency planning committee.

A. A local organization is created for the purpose of planning for hazardous materials response in accordance with WAC 118.40.170 – 118.40.180. The local emergency planning committee serves an all-hazard planning function. The committee shall be composed of individuals appointed by the emergency management council. The LEPC shall include a representative of each of the following groups in accordance with WAC 118.40.160:

1. San Juan County;

2. Town of Friday Harbor;

3. San Juan County sheriff;

4. Department of emergency services;

5. Fire departments;

6. Emergency medical services/hospitals;

7. Health department;

8. Local environmental groups;

9. Transportation personnel;

10. Local news agency;

11. Community groups;

12. Local industry owner/operator of a facility subject to the requirements of Section 302(b) of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986, commonly referred to as EPCRA, regarding hazardous chemicals.

B. And in addition shall include representatives from:

1. Each County council district;

2. Public works;

3. Telephone utility;

4. Power utility. (Ord. 4-2008 § 4; Ord. 9-1998 § 10)

2.48.100 Disaster declarations.

The County council bears responsibility for declaring a state of emergency in San Juan County. In the event the County council cannot convene, the sheriff will make an effort to contact the County council members in person or by telephone. When a quorum is not available for action, a state of emergency may be declared by the available members and action taken by as few as one of the County council members. In the event that no County council members can be contacted, the following individuals are authorized to declare a state of emergency, subject to approval by the County council at the earliest possible date:

A. County administrator;

B. Sheriff;

C. The highest ranking member of the San Juan County sheriff’s department available – i.e., under sheriff. (Ord. 4-2008 § 5; Ord. 12-2006 § 6; Ord. 9-1998 § 11)

2.48.110 Director of emergency management – Authority.

In the event of a disaster, the director, or his or her designee, is empowered to:

A. Make and issue rules and regulations reasonably related to the protection of life and property as affected by such disaster; provided, that the rules and regulations must be confirmed by the County council at the earliest practical time.

B. Obtain vital supplies, equipment and other such properties needed for the protection of life and property, and to bind the County for fair value thereof.

C. Request emergency service of any County officer or employee, and to secure the aid of volunteers as needed.

D. Requisition necessary personnel or material of any County department or agency. (Ord. 12-2006 § 7; Ord. 9-1998 § 12)