Chapter 5.15


5.15.010    Appointment of licensing and enforcement authority.

5.15.020    Licensing and regulation of taxicab and for-hire vehicles.

5.15.900    Violation – Penalty.

5.15.010 Appointment of licensing and enforcement authority.

Pursuant to interlocal agreement, the Director of the King County Department of Executive Administration, and his or her authorized representatives, are hereby delegated the power to determine eligibility for licenses and the power to deny, suspend, or revoke licenses, pursuant to terms of this chapter. A copy of the said interlocal agreement shall be available in the office of the City Clerk for use and examination by the public. The licensing required under this chapter is separate from, and in addition to, a business license that may be required under Chapter 5.05 SMC. (Ord. 19-1014 § 3 (part), 2019: Ord. 90-1014 § 1)

5.15.020 Licensing and regulation of taxicab and for-hire vehicles.

The following sections of Chapter 6.64 King County Code as now in effect, and as may be subsequently amended, are hereby adopted by reference, except that, unless the context indicates otherwise, the word “County” and the words “King County” shall refer to the City and references to violations of the County code or County ordinances shall be deemed to be references to violations of City ordinances:

6.64.005    Purpose.

6.64.007    Scope of Authority.

6.64.010    Definitions.

6.64.015    Interlocal Agreement.

6.64.025    Fees.

6.64.200    Service organization registration.

6.64.210    Color scheme.

6.64.220    Independent color scheme.

6.64.300    Taxicab and for-hire license required.

6.64.310    Application.

6.64.320    Required documents.

6.64.330    Applicant requirements.

6.64.340    Vehicle requirements.

6.64.350    Insurance required.

6.64.360    Certificate of safety.

6.64.370    Vehicle standards.

6.64.380    Taxicab and for-hire vehicle license expiration.

6.64.390    Taxicab and for-hire vehicle license plate.

6.64.400    Taximeter.

6.64.420    Taxicab and for-hire owner – Responsibilities.

6.64.430    Standards for denial – Taxicab for hire vehicle owner.

6.64.440    Standards for suspension/revocation – Taxicab or for-hire vehicle owner.

6.64.450    Destruction, replacement, retirement of a taxicab.

6.64.460    Surrender of vehicle license.

6.64.500    For-hire driver’s license required.

6.64.510    Application.

6.64.520    Investigation.

6.64.530    Qualifications.

6.64.540    Temporary permit.

6.64.550    Application null and void.

6.64.560    Medical certification.

6.64.570    Training program.

6.64.580    Written examination.

6.64.590    Driving record.

6.64.600    Standards for denial of a license – For-hire driver.

6.64.610    Standards for suspension/revocation – For-hire driver.

6.64.620    License issuance.

6.64.630    License expiration – For-hire driver.

6.64.640    For-hire drive operating standards.

6.64.650    Vehicle safety standards.

6.64.660    Conduct standards.

6.64.670    Taxicab meter/rates standards.

6.64.680    Driver-passenger relations standards.

6.64.690    Soliciting and cruising standards.

6.64.695    Taxi zone standards.

6.64.700    Taxicab – Maximum number.

6.64.710    Transfer of permit.

6.64.720    Industry reporting.

6.64.730    Response times.

6.64.740    Annual report.

6.64.750    Determination of fare and number of licenses.

6.64.760    Rates.

6.64.770    Rate study.

(Ord. 19-1014 § 3 (part), 2019: Ord. 93-1013 § 1: Ord. 90-1014 § 2)

5.15.900 Violation – Penalty.

Any person who violates or fails to comply with any requirement of this chapter shall be guilty of a violation of a City ordinance and shall be subject to punishment by fine of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000) or imprisonment for a term not in excess of one (1) year, or both. (Ord. 19-1014 § 3 (part), 2019: Ord. 90-1014 § 3)