Chapter 11.40


11.40.010    Delegation of authority.

11.40.020    Street designations.

11.40.030    Named street designations.

11.40.040    Street extension plan.

11.40.050    Official street map.

11.40.060    Street redesignations.

11.40.070    Council designation or redesignation of streets.

11.40.080    Notification.

11.40.090    Appeals.

11.40.100    Violations and enforcement.

11.40.010 Delegation of authority.

The Public Works Director or designee, hereinafter called the Director, is granted the authority to designate street names and numbers in conformance with the grid system established by King County. This chapter shall not apply to properties under the permitting authority of the Port of Seattle, pursuant to the January 1, 2000, interlocal agreement between the City and the Port of Seattle. (Ord. 02-1035 § 1)

11.40.020 Street designations.

A. The Director shall designate the name and/or number of private and public streets within the guidelines of the King County grid system. Streets shall be assigned a name only when the numbering grid is determined infeasible by the Director or when the City Council acts pursuant to SMC 11.40.070.

B. Consistent with the grid system, all streets within the City, except International Boulevard, shall be assigned the prefix or suffix “South.”

C. All streets extending in a northerly or southerly direction, except International Boulevard, Des Moines Memorial Drive South, and Military Road South, shall be designated by numbers and as “avenues” with the suffix “South.” The numeric designations shall commence with 6th Avenue South near the westernmost boundary of the City and shall continue consecutively to the easternmost boundary of the city.

D. All streets extending in a westerly and easterly direction, except Orillia Road South, shall be designated by numbers and as “streets” with the prefix “South.” The numeric designations shall commence with South 128th Street at the northernmost boundary of the city and shall continue consecutively to approximately South 230th Street at the southernmost boundary of the city.

E. Diagonal streets shall be treated as extending in either a north to south direction or a west to east direction depending upon the azimuth from magnetic north of the general direction of such streets.

F. Short, interrupted, closed-end, or cul-de-sac streets, generally less than one thousand (1,000) feet in length, irrespective of direction, shall be designated by numbers consistent with the numbering of nearby avenues or streets, and may be designated as “place” or “court” at the discretion of the Director.

G. Designation of any street as a “lane,” “circle,” “loop,” “crescent,” “way,” “drive,” “road,” or “boulevard” shall only be approved by the Director for good cause.

H. A continuous street, or one proposed to be continued, shall bear the same designation throughout its entire length. Exceptions may be allowed if a street changes direction sharply for a substantial distance. In such cases, the portion of the street running in a different direction may be given a separate designation. (Ord. 02-1035 § 1)

11.40.030 Named street designations.

Those certain streets within the City now designated as International Boulevard (Resolution No. 90-119), Des Moines Memorial Drive South, Orillia Road South, and Military Road South shall remain so designated by name and suffix subject to any future redesignation pursuant to SMC 11.40.060 and 11.40.070. (Ord. 02-1035 § 1)

11.40.040 Street extension plan.

Any street hereinafter dedicated by subdivision or short plat, or conveyed to and accepted by the City, for public street purposes shall be designated in accordance with the general plan set forth in this chapter and as approved by the Director. (Ord. 02-1035 § 1)

11.40.050 Official street map.

All streets within the city shall be depicted with approved designations on a map produced by the City’s geographic information system (GIS) which shall constitute the official street map of the City. (Ord. 02-1035 § 1)

11.40.060 Street redesignations.

If the Director deems an existing private or public street to be inconsistent with the surrounding designation system or to be confusing or difficult to locate, then the Director may redesignate the street based upon considerations of consistency with the King County grid system, the impact on existing businesses and residences, and the impact upon responsiveness of emergency services. Notice of any intent to effect a redesignation shall be mailed by the Director to all property owners abutting on the affected street at least sixty (60) days prior to the intended effective date of the redesignation, and a notice shall similarly be published in the official newspaper. (Ord. 02-1035 § 1)

11.40.070 Council designation or redesignation of streets.

Notwithstanding the provisions of SMC 11.40.010 and 11.40.020, the City Council may designate new streets by name and may redesignate numeric streets to named streets by Council initiation or upon petition.

A. Petitions to the Council requesting that a street be named shall contain the signatures of a majority of persons owning properties abutting the street to be named or renamed.

B. Notice of a proposed street name street shall be mailed by the Director to all said abutting property owners at least sixty (60) days prior to the intended final action by the Council and a notice shall similarly be published in the official newspaper.

C. The Council shall consider technical input from the Director, locational and development characteristics relative to the street, and the impact of the change on existing businesses and residences, as well as on emergency vehicle responsiveness. The Council shall also consider the factors set forth in SMC 11.40.020(B) through (H) and the following criteria (from Resolution No. 94-017):

1. Neighborhood or geographical identification;

2. Natural or geological features;

3. Historical or cultural significance;

4. Whether the name identifies an individual or entity who has donated substantial monies or land or has been otherwise instrumental in City or community affairs, providing that the name of a living person shall not normally be used, although exceptions may be considered when significant contributions or unusually outstanding public service would so justify;

5. The articulated preference of residents of the neighborhood surrounding the street.

D. Designation or redesignation of a street name by the Council shall be effected by adoption of an ordinance directing the designation or redesignation. (Ord. 02-1035 § 1)

11.40.080 Notification.

The Director shall cause notice of all street designations and redesignations to be provided to the City Fire Department, Police Department, GIS, and other affected departments, together with notice to appropriate King County agencies, specifically including the E-911 administrator. (Ord. 02-1035 § 1)

11.40.090 Appeals.

Any party aggrieved by the designation or redesignation of a street may appeal such final action as an appeal from an administrative decision pursuant to SMC 1.20.110. (Ord. 02-1035 § 1)

11.40.100 Violations and enforcement.

Any person who erects a sign or alters an official street sign for the purpose of designating or redesignating a street, or portion of any street, with a number and/or name not the official designation of the said street, or portion thereof, shall be guilty of a violation of a City ordinance, and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) or imprisonment for a term not to exceed ninety (90) days, or both. The City shall have full authority to also abate and remove any unofficial or altered street sign. (Ord. 02-1035 § 1)