Chapter 14.27
Dedication and Improvement of Streets


14.27.010    Purpose

14.27.020    Street Dedication and Alignment

14.27.040    Method of Naming Streets

14.27.010 Purpose

This chapter establishes minimum standards for the dedication and improvement of streets as related to any and all subdivision applications. These provisions shall apply in addition to any others adopted under the SeaTac Municipal Code. (Ord. 18-1008 § 1; Ord. 09-1012 § 1 (Exh. A))

14.27.020 Street Dedication and Alignment

A.    The City shall require dedications of new street rights-of-way within and/or along the boundaries of subdivisions or binding site plans as necessary to:

1.    Implement the requirements of the City Transportation Plan;

2.    Support development of local access streets and the completion of an unobstructed traffic grid; and

3.    Accommodate potential demand for public transportation, sidewalks and bikeways.

B.    The City shall have the authority to require the widening of, or additional dedications to, established public rights-of-way where it determines that:

1.    Such dedication is necessary to aid the completion of an unobstructed traffic grid; or

2.    The proposed subdivision will likely create transportation demand in excess of existing capacity.

C.    Where any right-of-way width or portion is required, that right-of-way width or portion shall be dedicated to the City and recorded on the face of the final plat.

D.    All streets shall conform in effect to the City Transportation Plan and street classification layout, as adopted and hereafter amended. To the maximum extent possible, streets shall otherwise conform to the general street system pattern established within and around the City.

E.    To the maximum extent possible, all roads proposed to terminate within a given subdivision shall be aligned so that they may potentially connect public collector streets and aide the completion of an unobstructed traffic grid. (Ord. 18-1008 § 1; Ord. 09-1012 § 1 (Exh. A))

14.27.040 Method of Naming Streets

Streets shall be named pursuant to the requirements of Chapter 11.40 SMC. (Ord. 18-1008 § 1; Ord. 09-1012 § 1 (Exh. A))