Division V. Design Standards


15.500    Small Lot Single-Family Design Standards

15.505    Townhouse and Duplex Development Design Standards

15.510    Multi-Family Housing Design Standards

15.515    Special Design Standards for the RBX, CB-C, UH-UCR, and O/CM Zones

15.520    Mixed Use Development Design Standards

15.530    High Capacity Transit Facilities Design Standards

Chapter 15.500


15.500.005    Purpose

15.500.010    Authority and Application

15.500.100    Small Lot Single-Family Standards

15.500.200    Departures from the Small Lot Single-Family Standards

15.500.005 Purpose

To allow for small lot single-family development within the UM and UH zones, as an alternative to multi-family housing. (Ord. 15-1018 § 1)

15.500.010 Authority and Application

Small lot single-family development is only allowed within the UM and UH zones. The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all small lot single-family development. These standards shall supersede existing regulations elsewhere in SMC Title 15 when in conflict with this chapter. (Ord. 15-1018 § 1)

15.500.100 Small Lot Single-Family Standards

Intent: Ensure architecturally appealing design with traditional residential features and adequate open space within small lot single-family development.

A.    Dimensional Standards.

1.    Minimum Lot Size. The minimum lot size within the UM and UH zones for small lot single-family development shall be three thousand (3,000) square feet.

2.    Setbacks. Small lot single-family development shall have the following setbacks:

a.    Minimum side setbacks of five (5) feet, minimum front setbacks of fifteen (15) feet and minimum rear setbacks of fifteen (15) feet for the main structure and five (5) feet for accessory structures.

b.    Small lot single-family development located on a corner lot shall have minimum setbacks of fifteen (15) feet on one (1) street frontage, and ten (10) on the other frontage, with minimum five (5) foot setbacks on the other yards.

3.    Maximum Height. The maximum height shall be thirty-five (35) feet for small lot single-family development.

4.    Design Standards.

a.    Front Facades. Front facades shall face the streetscape and include one-half (1/2) flight-up entries and front porches a minimum of sixty (60) square feet in size.

b.    Roofs. Small lot single-family development shall follow the design standards for townhouses as outlined in SMC 15.505.320.

5.    Open Space.

a.    Private Yards. Small lot single-family development shall include private yards of at least two hundred (200) square feet.

b.    Common Recreation Space. A small lot single-family development of five (5) or more units shall include common recreation space amenities of seventy-five (75) square feet per unit. Such amenities shall conform to the outdoor common recreation space standards in SMC 15.510.420(A) and (B), SMC 15.510.430, Indoor Recreation Space, and the following recreation space standards: SMC 15.510.420(C), Play Areas, SMC 15.510.450, Maintenance of Recreation Space, and SMC 15.510.470, Cash Contribution in Lieu of On-Site Recreation Space.

6.    Parking.

a.    Off-Street Parking. Off-street parking shall be located in the rear of each home. Permeable pavement or wheel strip driveways shall be used to minimize impervious surfaces. (Ord. 16-1022 § 1 (Exh. C); Ord. 15-1018 § 1)

15.500.200 Departures from the Small Lot Single-Family Standards

Departures from the small lot single-family standards may be granted by the City Manager or his designee, subject to the following criteria:

A.    Physical site conditions, such as steep slopes, wetlands, or other critical areas on a development site, limit the ability to fully meet the small lot single-family standards.

B.    No more than one (1) departure is granted per development site.

C.    The small lot single-family development meets the intent of the small lot single-family standards and provides a development that is equal to or better in design to a small lot single-family development that complies with all of the standards under SMC 15.500.100. (Ord. 15-1018 § 1)