Chapter 16A.07


16A.07.010    Applicability

16A.07.020    Contents

16A.07.030    Procedural Submission Requirements

16A.07.010 Applicability

This chapter shall apply to all Type II and III permit applications. (Ord. 18-1004 § 1; Ord. 03-1020 § 2)

16A.07.020 Contents

Within twenty-eight (28) days after submission of a permit application, the City shall provide a written determination (determination of completeness) to the applicant, stating either:

A.    That the application is complete; or

B.    The application is incomplete and what is necessary to make the application complete. (Ord. 18-1004 § 1; Ord. 03-1020 § 2)

16A.07.030 Procedural Submission Requirements

A.    A permit application is complete for the purposes of this section when it meets the procedural submission requirements of the City and is sufficient for continued processing even though additional information may be required subsequently. Note that once a permit application is submitted, substantial project modifications may require submittal of a new permit application. The determination of completeness shall not preclude the City from requesting additional information or studies either at the time of the notice of completeness or subsequently if new information is required or substantial changes in the proposed action occur. The issuance of a determination of completeness shall not be construed to mean the permit application or any of its components have been approved.

B.    A project application shall be declared complete only when it contains all of the following minimum materials:

1.    A fully completed, signed, and acknowledged permit application with all required materials and information and all applicable review fees. The property owner and/or applicant shall provide all the information as specified on the applications checklists and forms as provided by the City. In all cases, the City shall determine if the information being submitted with an application is sufficient and in such detail as to warrant the acceptance of the application.

2.    A fully completed, signed and acknowledged environmental checklist for projects subject to review under the State Environmental Policy Act.

3.    The information specified for the desired project as established by the Director.

4.    Any supplemental information or special studies identified as necessary for the review.

C.    An application shall be deemed complete if the City does not provide a written determination to the applicant that the application is incomplete as provided in this section.

D.    Within fourteen (14) days after an applicant has submitted additional information identified by the City as being necessary for a complete application, the City shall notify the applicant whether the application is complete or what additional information is necessary. (Ord. 18-1004 § 1; Ord. 11-1002 § 2; Ord. 03-1020 § 2)