Chapter 16A.09
Notice of Application


16A.09.010    General

16A.09.020    Contents

16A.09.030    Distribution

16A.09.010 General

A.    Applicability. Within fourteen (14) days after issuance of a determination of completeness, a notice of application (NOA) shall be provided for Type II and Type III project permit applications in accordance with this section.

B.    If the City has made a SEPA threshold determination under Chapter 43.21C RCW concurrently with the notice of application, the notice of application may be combined with the SEPA threshold determination and/or the scoping notice for a determination of significance (DS). Nothing in this section prevents a DS and scoping notice from being issued prior to the notice of application. (Ord. 18-1004 § 1; Ord. 03-1020 § 2)

16A.09.020 Contents

The NOA shall include the following:

A.    The designation of the City contact person, associated telephone numbers, date of application submittal, date the determination of completeness was issued, and the date of the notice of application;

B.    The place, days, and times where information about the application and studies may be examined;

C.    The name, address and telephone number of the applicant and/or agent;

D.    A description of the proposed project action, a list of project permits included with the application, a list if applicable of any further studies requested by the City, and identification of other permits not included in the application, to the extent known by the City;

E.    A description of the site, including current zoning classification, nearest road intersection and site address, if available, reasonably sufficient to inform the reader of the general location;

F.    Identification of existing environmental documents that evaluate the proposed project and the location where such documents can be reviewed if other than that of the City;

G.    A statement of the comment period, inviting the public and agencies to comment on the application within fourteen (14) days of the notice date, and stating that any person has a right to receive notice and participate in any hearings, to request a copy of the decision once made, and describing any appeal rights, along with the deadline for submitting a SEPA appeal (if applicable). Additionally, the statement should include a notice that this may be the only comment period if the optional determination of nonsignificance (DNS) process for combined notice of application and the DNS comment period identified in WAC 197-11-355 is used;

H.    Any other information determined appropriate by the City. (Ord. 18-1004 § 1; Ord. 03-1020 § 2)

16A.09.030 Distribution

The notice of application shall be distributed as follows:

A.    The NOA shall be posted on the subject property. The notice on the property shall be posted on a “notice board” at a conspicuous place. It must be visible from the public right-of-way and to persons passing by the property. Such “notice board” may be located adjacent to the property upon approval of the City Manager or his designee.

1.    The City Manager or his designee may require additional notice boards when a site does not abut a public right-of-way or as determined to be necessary.

2.    The posting shall be on site for at least thirty (30) days.

3.    The “notice board” shall be of a size and design as specified by the City Manager or designee.

4.    The property owner or his/her representative shall be responsible for the installation of the “notice board.” An affidavit shall be submitted to the City by the property owner or his/her representative stating when the “notice board” has been installed and the location of the “notice board.”

5.    Failure to post a site in accordance with these provisions for the required time frame may require extending the comment period and/or the re-initiation of the notice process.

B.    The NOA shall be posted in three (3) public places where ordinances are posted.

C.    The NOA shall be published once in a newspaper of general circulation.

D.    The NOA shall be mailed via first class mail to adjacent property owners based on the standards set forth below and in Appendix II.

1.    The City may exercise discretion to expand the mailing to include areas adjacent to access easements and to areas on the opposite sides of rights-of-way, streams, and other physical features.

2.    The notice shall be deemed mailed when deposited in the U.S. mail, postage prepaid and properly addressed.

E.    The notice shall additionally be distributed by the City to:

1.    The applicant and/or agent;

2.    Such internal review offices as needed;

3.    Adjacent municipal corporations or organizations which may be affected by the proposal;

4.    Other persons, organizations or entities the City may determine or who request in writing such notice. (Ord. 21-1008 § 24; Ord. 18-1004 § 1; Ord. 14-1001 § 2; Ord. 03-1020 § 2)