Chapter 16A.13


16A.13.010    Notice of Public Hearing

16A.13.020    Procedure for Public Hearing

16A.13.010 Notice of Public Hearing

A.    A notice of public hearing is required for all Type III project permits. Notice shall be provided at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled hearing.

B.    The written notice shall consist of only that information approved and provided by the City. The notice shall include the following information:

1.    The application/project file number;

2.    Project summary/description of each project permit application;

3.    The date, time and place of the hearing and a statement that the hearing will be conducted in accordance with the rules of procedure adopted by the Hearing Examiner;

4.    General project location, vicinity and address and parcel number(s), if applicable;

5.    The name, address and telephone number of the owner, applicant and designated contact;

6.    The SEPA threshold determination or description thereof (determination of nonsignificance (DNS) or mitigated determination of nonsignificance (MDNS) if other than a DS), shall be contained in the notice, along with any appropriate statement regarding any shared or divided lead agency status and phased review, and stating the end of any final comment period;

7.    The date when the staff report will be available and the office where it can be reviewed.

C.    Distribution.

1.    The public hearing notice shall be posted on the property and mailed to adjacent property owners pursuant to the procedures described in SMC 16A.09.030.

2.    Failure to properly post the site or complete the required notice may result in re-initiation of the notice process. (Ord. 18-1004 § 1; Ord. 03-1020 § 2)

16A.13.020 Procedure for Public Hearing

Public hearings shall be conducted in accordance with the Hearing Examiner’s rules of procedure and shall serve to create or supplement an evidentiary record upon which the Examiner will base his/her decision. (Ord. 18-1004 § 1; Ord. 03-1020 § 2)