Chapter 6.08


6.08.020    Stock-restricted area.

6.08.030    Stock at large in restricted area.

6.08.040    Stock on highway right-of-way – Violations.

6.08.050    Livestock at large – Violations.

6.08.060    Riding horses – Violations.

6.08.070    Waiver for riding horses.

6.08.020 Stock-restricted area.

All of Clallam County, except national park lands and tribal lands, is designated a stock-restricted area. (Ord. 99-007)

6.08.030 Stock at large in restricted area.

No person owning or in control of any livestock shall willfully or negligently allow such livestock to ran at large in any stock-restricted area or to wander or stray upon the right-of-way of any public highway lying within a stock-restricted area when not in the charge of some person. (Ord. 99-007)

6.08.040 Stock on highway right-of-way – Violations.

It shall be unlawful for any person to herd or move any livestock over, along, or across the right-of-way of any public highway, or portion thereof, within any stock-restricted area, without having in attendance a sufficient number of persons to control the movement of such livestock and to warn or otherwise protect vehicles traveling upon such public highway from any danger by reason of such livestock being herded or moved thereon. (Ord. 99-007)

6.08.050 Livestock at large – Violations.

Any person who owns or has possession, charge, or control of livestock shall not allow them to run at large.

A. Livestock escaping from or being outside of any area fenced to restrain them more than three times in a six-month period shall constitute prima facie evidence of inadequate fencing.

B. It shall not be necessary for any person to fence against such animals, and it shall be no defense to any action or proceeding brought pursuant to this chapter. (Ord. 99-007)

6.08.060 Riding horses – Violations.

The following regulations are designed to protect public health and safety as well as the welfare of equines. It is unlawful for the equestrian to violate any of the following regulations:

A. Riding or leading any horse within the incorporated areas of the city on any paved public roadway or alley during the hours of darkness, or on any sidewalk or planting strip at any time.

B. Riding or leading any horse that is not under control on any public roadway.

C. Riding any horse on any street or alley within the city or any park which is posted against horseback riding.

D. No person shall ride a horse on private property without permission of the owner or occupier thereof. (Ord. 99-007)

6.08.070 Waiver for riding horses.

The chief of police may issue waivers in writing of the prohibitions enumerated in SMC 6.08.060 in the event of a parade or other special event. (Ord. 99-007)