Chapter 2.72


2.72.010    Commission established—Membership.

2.72.020    Rules of procedure.

2.72.030    Authority of commission.

2.72.040    Staff services.

2.72.050    Budget and reporting.

2.72.010 Commission established—Membership.

A.    The Shelton arts commission, consisting of five members, appointed by the mayor and confirmed by majority vote of the city council, is hereby established. The term of office shall be four years; provided, that three of the initial five members shall serve for two years, in order to achieve staggered terms of office. All subsequent appointments shall be for four years, or for the duration of an unexpired term in the case of and appointment to a vacancy. Any member of the Shelton arts commission can be removed by a majority vote of the city council.

B.    Commission members shall be appointed upon the basis of demonstrated interest in, and knowledge and support of, the arts. Members shall serve without salary and other compensation; provided, that members shall be reimbursed for necessary expenses actually incurred. All members must be residents of Mason County.

C.    Prior to appointing initial members and when filling any vacancy in the membership of the commission, public notice shall be given at least two weeks in advance of the appointment at a city council meeting. Any interested parties may then apply to the mayor for consideration. (Ord. 1921-0518 (part), 2018; Ord. 1883-0316 § 1(A), 2016: Ord. 1300 § 1(A), 1990)

2.72.020 Rules of procedure.

The Shelton arts commission shall adopt procedural rules governing the transaction of its business. Such rules shall be approved by the city council. The rules shall include provisions for the date, time and place of regular meetings. Provisions shall be made for maintaining minutes of meetings and records of all reports, conclusions and recommendations. The rules shall provide for the election of officers, which shall include a chairperson and vice chairperson who shall serve for at least one year. The rules shall provide that all meetings shall comply with the Washington State Open Public Meetings Act. The rules shall address receipt and processing of citizen proposals and requests. (Ord. 1921-0518 (part), 2018; Ord. 1883-0316 § 1(B), 2016: Ord. 1300 § 1(B), 1990)

2.72.030 Authority of commission.

The Shelton arts commission is authorized to take the following actions:

A.    Upon approval by the city and on its behalf, to encourage, conduct, sponsor or co-sponsor public programs to further the development and public awareness of, and interest in, the fine and performing arts;

B.    To provide recommendations to the city in connection with cultural and artistic endeavors and projects in which the city may become involved with and to act as a representative of the community in such matters;

C.    To encourage donations, grants and other support to further expand the arts and cultural services and programs available to the citizens of Shelton and members of the Shelton community;

D.    To take such other actions as the city council may direct from time to time. (Ord. 1921-0518 (part), 2018; Ord. 1883-0316 § 1(C), 2016: Ord. 1300 § 1(C), 1990)

2.72.040 Staff services.

The city manager shall be responsible for providing administrative and staff services for the Shelton arts commission and may assign staff to provide such services to the commission as he/she may determine. (Ord. 1921-0518 (part), 2018; Ord. 1883-0316 § 1(C), 2016: Ord. 1300 § 1(C2), 1990)

2.72.050 Budget and reporting.

The Shelton arts commission programs and expenses may be funded from the city of Shelton general fund, grants, donations and other moneys which may become available. The Shelton arts commission shall be responsible for submitting a proposed annual operating budget to the city manager. Final budget approval shall be by the city council. The Shelton arts commission shall make a report on its programs and activities to the city council at least twice annually. (Ord. 1921-0518 (part), 2018; Ord. 1883-0316 § 1(D), 2016: Ord. 1300 § 1(D), 1990)