Chapter 7.08


7.08.010    Domestic animal—Defined.

7.08.020    Domestic animals—Conditions for keeping.

7.08.030    Domestic animals—Where allowed.

7.08.040    Domestic animals—Chickens.

7.08.010 Domestic animal—Defined.

For purposes of this chapter, “domestic animal” means any animal, excluding dogs and cats, that is made to be domestic and kept for agricultural purposes and/or as a pet, including a rabbit, horse, mule, bovine animal, poultry, duck, lamb, goat, sheep, or swine. (Ord. 1983-0122 § 7, 2022)

7.08.020 Domestic animals—Conditions for keeping.

A.    Domestic animals may be kept only where specifically allowed under the development regulations and Section 7.08.030.

B.    Domestic animals shall be kept securely confined on the property of the owner. Domestic animals that stray from the property of the owner shall be considered at large and subject to abatement.

C.    Domestic animals shall be kept in sanitary conditions that emit no noxious odors beyond the property line. (Ord. 1983-0122 § 7, 2022)

7.08.030 Domestic animals—Where allowed.

A.    Domestic animals may be kept in the neighborhood residential zone on lots or parcels of one acre or more. The acreage restriction does not apply to indoor rabbits kept as pets.

B.    Nonavian domestic animals are limited to two total, counting all types, per acre. Birds are limited to twenty total, counting all types, per acre.

C.    Barns, coops, and other structures for the sheltering of domestic animals shall be set back not less than thirty-five feet from all property lines and not less than fifty feet from any existing residential dwelling unit on adjoining property. (Ord. 1983-0122 § 7, 2022)

7.08.040 Domestic animals—Chickens.

A.    Up to five chickens may be kept on parcels in the neighborhood residential (NR) zone on parcels five thousand nine hundred ninety-nine square feet or smaller.

B.    Up to twelve chickens may be kept in the neighborhood residential (NR) zone on parcels six thousand square feet or greater.

C.    Roosters are explicitly prohibited.

D.    Chicken coops or other structures intended to house chickens must be set back from any property line not less than ten feet and shall not be located closer than thirty feet from any residential structure on any adjacent or adjoining parcel or lot. (Ord. 1983-0122 § 7, 2022)