Chapter 20.14


20.14.010    Intent.

20.14.020    Permitted uses.

20.14.025    Accessory uses.

20.14.030    Similar or related uses.

20.14.040    Conditional uses.

20.14.050    Lot, yard, and open space requirements.

20.14.060    Building height.

20.14.070    Design review.

20.14.080    Sign requirements.

20.14.090    Off-street parking.

20.14.010 Intent.

The Goose Lake commercial/residential designation is to allow for new development that conforms to the goals and policies of the comprehensive plan. The CR-G zone is intended to provide for higher-density residential development with a mix of pedestrian-oriented commercial development in order to support transit service and provide maximum protection for the environment. (Ord. 1462-1296 § 2 (part), 1996)

20.14.020 Permitted uses.

A.    Permitted uses in the CR-G district shall be as listed in the land use matrix, Section 20.06.030 of this title, and as follows:

1.    Gas stations (retail sale of gasoline and related convenience items only, no service available), subject to site plan review, within two hundred seventy feet of a more intense (GC, CI, or I) zone.

2.    Residential uses as listed in land use matrix.

3.    Drive-thru restaurants, subject to site plan review, and within three hundred feet of direct access (on- or off-ramp) to a Washington State or United States Highway.

B.    In addition, any development or plat in excess of three acres must meet the following requirements:

1.    Commercial and office uses shall be limited to forty percent of the total floor area or lot area of the development;

2.    Residential development shall consist of a variety of housing types, including a minimum of fifty percent multifamily development. (Ord. 1462-1296 § 2 (part), 1996)

20.14.025 Accessory uses.

A.    Light manufacture of consumer goods that is incidental to an on-premises retail use, provided that:

1.    There shall be no unusual fire, explosion or safety hazards;

2.    Applicant shall demonstrate to the site plan review committee that there shall be no production of noise at any boundary of the property in excess of the average intensity of street noise at this point;

3.    There shall be no emission of smoke in excess of any density prescribed by the air pollution control authority;

4.    There shall be no emission of dust, dirt, or toxic or offensive gases or fumes;

5.    There shall be no production of heat, glare or vibration perceptible from any property line of the premises upon which such heat, glare or vibration is being generated.

B.    Storage, processing, or use of hazardous substances incidental to a permitted use in compliance with applicable city and state regulations.

C.    Hazardous waste treatment and storage facilities incidental to a permitted use in compliance with applicable city and state regulations. (Ord. 1462-1296 § 2 (part), 1996)

20.14.030 Similar or related uses.

Similar or related uses are permitted and the criteria for determination of similarity or relatedness are as follows:

A.    Uses similar to, or related to, those listed in the land use matrix are permitted upon a finding of the site plan review committee that a particular unlisted use does not conflict with the intent of this chapter or the policies of the comprehensive plan.

B.    The criteria for such finding of similarity shall include but not be limited to the following:

1.    The proposed use is appropriate in this zone given the emphasis on pedestrian orientation, mass transit and mixed use;

2.    The design requirements for permitted uses can be met by the proposed use;

3.    The proposed use will be compatible with and complementary to adjacent uses and uses within the corridor in general;

4.    The public need is served by the proposed use. (Ord. 1462-1296 § 2 (part), 1996)

20.14.040 Conditional uses.

Conditional uses as listed in the land use matrix, Section 20.06.030 of this title, require a conditional use permit as provided in Chapter 20.44 of this title, and subject to applicable conditions as found in that chapter. (Ord. 1462-1296 § 2 (part), 1996)

20.14.050 Lot, yard, and open space requirements.

A.    Minimum lot size: six thousand square feet, four thousand five hundred square feet when lot is adjacent to and accessed by an alley.

B.    Front yard: minimum ten feet.

C.    Side yard: minimum five feet, ten feet on a flanking side street.

D.    Rear yard: minimum five feet, excepting that an accessory building may be placed a minimum of two feet from an alley.

E.    Maximum building coverage: forty-five percent.

F.    Maximum development coverage: Maximum coverage by impervious surfaces shall be sixty-five percent. (Ord. 1462-1296 § 2 (part), 1996)

20.14.060 Building height.

Building height: not more than thirty-five feet. (Ord. 1462-1296 § 2 (part), 1996)

20.14.070 Design review.

All uses in this designation shall comply with the provisions of Section 20.64.090 of this title, design standards. (Ord. 1462-1296 § 2 (part), 1996)

20.14.080 Sign requirements.

Signs shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with Chapter 20.38 of this title. (Ord. 1462-1296 § 2 (part), 1996)

20.14.090 Off-street parking.

A.    Parking shall meet the requirements of Chapter 20.40 of this title.

B.    Where parking abuts the street, that parking shall be screened by landscaping in accordance with Chapter 20.40 of this title.

C.    Corner lots shall not be used for parking unless the site plan review committee finds there is no practicable alternative. (Ord. 1462-1296 § 2 (part), 1996)