Title 3


3.01    Fee Schedule

3.02    Biennial Budget

3.05    Payment of Claims and Obligations

3.07    Registration of Bonds and Obligations

3.10    Unemployment Insurance Benefit Account

3.15    Sales and Use Tax

3.17    Sales and Use Tax for Affordable and Supportive Housing

3.20    Real Estate Excise Tax

3.22    Business and Occupation Tax

3.23    Tax Administrative Code

3.25    Leasehold Excise Tax

3.27    Property Tax Exemption

3.30    Gambling Tax

3.32    Utility Tax

3.35    Funds

3.40    Local Improvement Districts

3.50    Sale and Disposal of Surplus Personal Property

3.55    Sale and Disposal of Real Property

3.60    Shoreline Transportation Benefit District

3.65    Collection of Debt

3.70    Impact Fees for Parks, Open Space, and Recreation Facilities

3.75    Impact Fees for Fire Protection Facilities

3.80    Impact Fees for Transportation

3.90    Assessment Reimbursement Areas and Latecomer Agreements