Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Expense voucher requirements.

2.16.020    Commissioners use of personal vehicles—Reimbursement.

2.16.030    Building Inspector’s use of personal vehicles—Reimbursement—Insurance.

2.16.040    Approval of out of county and out of state travel.

2.16.050    Travel by private airplane.

2.16.060    Use of private boats by county employees.

2.16.010 Expense voucher requirements.

All expense vouchers submitted by any county official or employee shall observe the following rules and regulations:

(1) The rate of mileage reimbursement for each eligible employee of the county that utilizes his or her car for county service, shall be increased two cents (2′) per mile to a rate of seventeen cents (17′) per mile, effective July 1, 1979. Also, a formula outlined as follows shall be implemented:

Mileage reimbursement shall be increased one-half cent (1/2′) for every ten-cent (10′) increase/decrease per gallon in base price. Base price shall be the average cost of unleaded gasoline at Al’s Chevron, 2nd and Kincaid, and Exxon Self-Serve, College Way and Riverside Drive, on the day of approval of the addendum codified in this subsection. Adjustments to the rate of mileage reimbursement shall be made on the first day of each calendar quarter.

(2) Car pool use of county vehicles and county gas pumps used whenever possible.

(3) Lodging costs for one person per night allowable with receipts submitted with voucher. No direct billing from hotel or motels is allowable.

(4) Meals outside Skagit County are allowable. Keep a diary of amounts. Tips and bar are not allowed. Meal for one person only on a meal tab is allowable.

(5) When traveling to same destination (airline, etc.) the transportation cost should be the same for each person attending or voucher should show reason for difference with proper documentation.

(6) Each person submits his/her own expense voucher and certifies to statements therein under penalty of perjury in the second degree.

(7) Submit expense vouchers as they occur or between the first and twenty-fifth of the month. (Res. 8102 § 1, 1979; Res. 7062, 1977; Res. 6908 §§ 1—7, 1976)

2.16.020 Commissioners use of personal vehicles—Reimbursement.

The Board of County Commissioners shall be reimbursed one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per month individually for use of their personal vehicles within Skagit County. Reimbursement for mileage outside of Skagit County shall be at a rate equal to fifteen cents (15′) per mile. (Res. 7645, 1978: Res. 7612, 1978)

2.16.030 Building Inspector’s use of personal vehicles—Reimbursement—Insurance.

Each Building Inspector who consistently uses his privately owned vehicle in performance of his duties in the County Building Department shall receive an additional twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per month car allowance and shall provide proof of insurance for business use and minimum liability limits of one hundred thousand dollars/ three hundred thousand dollars ($100,000/$300,000). (Res. 7848, 1979)

2.16.040 Approval of out of county and out of state travel.

Out of state travel by county employees shall be approved by the Board of Commissioners and out of county travel shall be approved by the department head. (Res. 7219, 1977)

2.16.050 Travel by private airplane.

It is the policy of Skagit County to discourage use of private airplanes by County officials and employees for travel on behalf of Skagit County or on County business; and further, the County shall no longer reimburse any County official or employee who uses a private airplane for travel on County business on or behalf of Skagit County. (Ord. 8276, 1980)

2.16.060 Use of private boats by county employees.

With regard to the use of employees’ private boats for County business, a new policy is established that Skagit County will, when County business requires the use of the same, allow reimbursement to an employee for use of his privately owned boat at the rate of twenty-two dollars and fifty cents ($22.50) per hour; provided, that written authorization is received from the Board of County Commissioners prior to beginning of said use, and provided further, that each employee must present evidence of suitable insurance to the Board of County Commissioners. (Res. 8562, 1980; Res. 8507, 1980)