Chapter 6.40


6.40.010    Formation—Boundaries.

6.40.010 Formation—Boundaries.

Fidalgo Park and Recreational District is declared to be legally formed and the boundary lines are described as follows:

All of Fidalgo Island, Skagit County, Washington, including tidelands, EXCEPT those portions of said Fidalgo Island lying SE of the following described line, to wit:

Beginning at the meander corner between Sections 2 and 3, Township 34 N, R 2 E.W.M.; thence S 1/2 mile more or less, along the Section Line to the NE corner of Section 10, said Township and Range; thence W, along the N line of Section 10, 1 mile more or less, to the NW corner of Lot 4, in said Section 10; thence S and SW, through Similk Bay to a point on the Skagit-Island County line, said point being directly opposite the SW corner of Skagit-Island; and EXCEPTING any lands that lie within School District No. 311, as defined on April 5th, 1972. (Res. 5748, 1972; 39 CJ 319)