Chapter 6.44


6.44.010    Established.

6.44.020    Penalty.

6.44.010 Established.

There shall be established within the confines of Skagit County, as and for the entire county, a livestock restricted area, more particularly described as follows, to wit:

Commencing at midchannel of Rosario Strait where the dividing line between Township 36 and 37 intersects the same; thence E on said Township line to the summit of the Cascade Mountains; thence S along the summit of said mountain range to the eighth (8th) standard parallel; thence W along the parallel to the center of the channel or deepest channel of the nearest arm of Puget Sound and extending along said channel to the E entrance of Deception Pass; thence through said Pass to the center of the Channel of Rosario Strait; thence N along said channel to the place of beginning.

6.44.020 Penalty.

No person owning or in control of any livestock shall willfully or negligently allow such livestock to run at large in any stock restricted area, nor shall any person owning or in control of any livestock allow such livestock to wander or stray upon the right-of-way of any public highway lying within a stock restricted area when not in the charge of some person. Any person or persons violating this Section shall be guilty of a civil violation, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than two dollars ($2.00), nor more than ten dollars ($10.00), for each offense. (Res. 6548, 1975; 42 CJ 550)