Chapter 11.08


11.08.010     Authority.

11.08.020     Classification.

11.08.030     Compensation.

11.08.010 Authority.

County roads may be vacated in accordance with provisions of R.C.W. 36.87 as amended by Chapter 185, Laws of 1969, First Extraordinary Session and R.C.W. 36.70.540, and Skagit County may require as a condition precedent to said vacation the receipt of just compensation from the persons benefiting from said vacation. (Ord. 5056, 1969; 36 CJ 739)

11.08.020 Classification.

All County roads are hereby declared classified in accordance with R.C.W. 36.87.100, reserving the right to further classify, such classifications at present shall be:

(1) Class I: Shall be those roads upon which there has been public expenditure made in acquisition, improvement or maintenance;

(2) Class II: Shall be those roads upon which no such expenditures have been made and the County shall on such vacation fix the County’s property interest in said roads. (Ord. 5056, 1969; 36 CJ 739)

11.08.030 Compensation.

The County shall fix, prior to the time of vacation, the amount of charges, in addition to other charges now required by statute, to be paid upon vacation. The County shall determine the persons benefited and the same shall be paid prior to the time such road or any part thereof shall be vacated. (Ord. 5056, 1969; 36 CJ 739)