Chapter 2.08


2.08.010    Burial permits—Issuance prior to death certificate.

2.08.020    Presumptive death certificate.

2.08.010 Burial permits—Issuance prior to death certificate.

The county coroner is authorized to establish rules wherein temporary burial permits may be issued prior to the issuance of a death certificate; provided, that in all such cases the county registrar, or whichever official is responsible for issuing burial permits, shall first obtain verification from the county coroner’s office that there is no good reason why such a permit should not be issued. (Res. 1974-24)

2.08.020 Presumptive death certificate.

A. The Skamania County coroner may receive evidence that a missing person is no longer living.

B. If the preponderance of evidence is that the missing person disappeared in Skamania County at a time when said person as confronted with a specific peril, and that a search has been made and that the missing person is no longer living, then the county coroner may issue a presumptive death certificate.

C. In all such cases, the burden of proof required by the county coroner shall be the preponderance of evidence. (Ord. 1980-06)