Chapter 2.12


2.12.010    Supervision by sheriff when.

2.12.020    Unsuitability for position— Procedure.

2.12.030    To act as deputy sheriff when.

2.12.040    Emergency duties.

2.12.010 Supervision by sheriff when.

Direct supervision of the county weighmaster shall be vested under the sheriff when the weighmaster is acting for the purpose of traffic/weight control, as well as when pursuing part-time and full-time duties as deputy sheriff. (Res. 1971-12 (part): Res. 1970-11 (part))

2.12.020 Unsuitability for position— Procedure.

Whenever it is determined the employee designated for the position of weighmaster is unfit or unsuitable for maximum performance and efficiency in the best interest of Skamania County, the sheriff shall notify the board of county commissioners, by letter, along with thirty-days’ notice of withdrawal of the weighmaster’s deputy sheriff’s commission. The notice shall create a review of the individual and position for possible employment other than as weighmaster within Skamania County. (Res. 1971-12 (part): Res. 1970-11 (part))

2.12.030 To act as deputy sheriff when.

The duties of weighmaster shall be primarily during the period from April 1st through November 30th, inclusive, each year. During the period from December 1st through March 31st, inclusive, each year, the weighmaster shall perform general duties as a regular deputy sheriff. (Res. 1971-12 (part): Res.1970-11 (part))

2.12.040 Emergency duties.

During any emergency which might occur, the Skamania County sheriff may have direct authority to command assistance of the weighmaster to perform general duties as deputy sheriff until such usage is terminated. Such usage longer than three days shall be confirmed in writing to the board of county commissioners. (Res. 1971-12 (part): Res. 1970-11 (part))