Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Officials’ bond and oath of office.

2.16.020    District court.

2.16.030    Courthouse facilitator program.

2.16.010 Officials’ bond and oath of office.

A. A bond is set per RCW 3.34.090 in the amount of ten thousand dollars which shall cover the district court judge, the district court judge pro tempore, the district court commissioner or commissioners as the case may be, clerk of the district court and court employee.

B. A bond is set per RCW 36.16.040 and 36.16.050 in the amounts set out below:


5,000 + sureties


10,000 + sureties


5,000 + sureties

Court commissioner

5,000 + sureties


5,000 + sureties

District court judge

100,000 + sureties


5,000 + sureties

Prosecuting attorney/coroner

5,000 + sureties


5,000 + sureties


100,000 + sureties

(Res. 1997-77 (part): Res. 1973-41)

2.16.020 District court.

A. There is created a county-wide district court.

B. The principal office of the district court shall be in Stevenson, Skamania County, Washington.

C. The elected district court judge shall serve part-time two days per week. The two days shall be regularly scheduled days designed to accommodate the business of the court.

D. The salary of the district court judge is set at forty percent of the salary set by the state of Washington for a full-time district court judge.

E. There is created the office of the district court commissioner. The district court judge is authorized to appoint one or more district court commissioners who will serve during any period the judge is unavailable, with such powers as the laws of this state provide. They shall be compensated at a negotiated hourly rate for services provided. The appointment of commissioner(s) shall be subject to this board’s budgetary review and approval. (Ord. 1998-02 (part); Ord. 1992-02)

2.16.030 Courthouse facilitator program.

A. A courthouse facilitator program is established pursuant to RCW 26.12.240 to provide basic services to pro se litigants in family law cases.

B. A surcharge of twenty dollars shall be charged on those cases filed under Title 26 RCW; amended by Chapter 457, Laws of 2005, effective July 24, 2005.

C. A user fee of twenty-five dollars shall be charged to those pro se litigants filing cases under Title 26 RCW; however, such fee shall not be charged to those litigants who have their court filing fees waived due to their indigency.

D. The surcharge on filing fees and the user fees shall be collected and deposited into the current expense fund (001.000.000) under superior court (Department 112). (Res. 2005-25: Ord. 1998-05)