Chapter 2.64


2.64.010    Established—Purpose.

2.64.020    Composition—Qualifications.

2.64.030    Reservation of right to disband.

2.64.010 Established—Purpose.

The board of county commissioners establishes an integrated vegetation and pest management advisory committee for the purpose of developing a full study and analysis, along with recommendations to the board of county commissioners, of the most responsible methods to manage the vegetation and pests originating from or affecting its real property, rights-of-way and roads. (Res. 1999-13 (part))

2.64.020 Composition—Qualifications.

A. The board of county commissioners shall select from the letters of interest, two citizens from each of the three districts for a total of six citizens. These six citizens should be comprised of people who have various and diverse views and expertise on the use of pesticides and herbicides as well as the methods to control vegetation and pests.

B. The public works director or his designee shall also serve as a member of the committee.

C. The noxious weed control board shall select a member to serve on the committee.

D. The county extension agent shall select a member to serve on the committee.

E. Each member shall serve a term of one year, unless their appointment is extended.

F. The board of county commissioners directs the public works director to advertise for and recruit citizens to serve on this committee. (Res. 1999-13 (part))

2.64.030 Reservation of right to disband.

The board of county commissioners reserves the right to disband this committee at any time. (Res. 1999-13 (part))