Chapter 6.16


6.16.010    Prohibited.

6.16.020    Impoundment – Requirements.

6.16.030    Impoundment – Fee.

6.16.040    Impoundment – Sale and notice procedure.

6.16.050    Violation – Penalty.

6.16.010 Prohibited.

No chicken, duck, goose or other domestic fowl, except pigeons, shall be allowed to run at large, or be herded, upon any unenclosed lands, public or private, within the limits of said city, or upon any street, avenue, alley or other public place in said city. (Ord. 77 § 1, 1915)

6.16.020 Impoundment – Requirements.

Any fowl described in this chapter found running at large in violation of its provisions may be taken up by any person and delivered to the city marshal, poundmaster or any police officer; and it shall be the duty of such officers to receive any fowl so taken up, and to take up any such fowl found in violation of this chapter and to impound the same. (Ord. 77 § 2, 1915)

6.16.030 Impoundment – Fee.

A. The fee to be charged to taking up and impounding any domestic fowl shall be as set forth in SMC 6.16.050.

B. In addition to such fee there shall be charged $4.50 per day for the care and feeding of each fowl impounded, to be paid as aforesaid. (Ord. 471, 1985; Ord. 77 § 3, 1915)

6.16.040 Impoundment – Sale and notice procedure.

All procedure relative to notice and selling of impounded fowls shall be as provided in Chapter 6.12 SMC for notice and sale of impounded animals unless otherwise specially provided in this chapter. (Ord. 77 § 4, 1915)

6.16.050 Violation – Penalty.

Failure to perform any act required or the performance of any act prohibited by this article is designated as an infraction for the first and second offense and as a criminal offense for each violation thereafter. The penalties for said violations are as follows:

A. First offense, $25.00;

B. Second offense, $50.00;

C. Third offense and each additional offense, $100.00 per offense and/or imprisonment for a period not to exceed three days;

D. Criminal offense bail, $100.00 per offense. (Ord. 471, 1985; Ord. 77 § 5, 1915)