Chapter 3.16


3.16.010    Collection of assessments.

3.16.020    Segregation of assessments – Bookkeeping.

3.16.030    Platting required.

3.16.040    Certification required for segregation of assessment.

3.16.050    Segregation of assessment – Resolution – Fees.

3.16.060    Delinquent assessments – Foreclosure proceedings.

3.16.010 Collection of assessments.

The City Treasurer is authorized to collect and receive from any owner or owners of any subdivision or subdivisions of any lot, tract, or parcel of land, upon which a local improvement assessment has been or may hereafter be made, such portion of the assessment or assessments levied or to be levied against such lot, tract, or parcel of land in the payment of the local improvement as the Director of Public Works shall certify to be chargeable to such subdivision or subdivisions in accordance with state law. [Ord. 1184 § 1, 1978.]

3.16.020 Segregation of assessments – Bookkeeping.

Upon receipt of a certified copy of a resolution of the legislative authority authorizing such segregation, the City Treasurer shall enter such segregation, together with the amount of the bonded interest with respect thereto, upon the assessment records and, upon payment thereof, together with any penalties accruing according to law and any additional interest due with respect to such segregated portion, give a proper receipt; provided, that this chapter shall not authorize the segregation of any assessment which is delinquent at the time of such segregation, or in any case where it appears that such property, when or as already divided according to the requested segregation, is not or would not be divided according to the requested segregation, is not or would not be of sufficient value, or is not or would not be in such condition or title as to provide adequate security for the payment of the total amount of the unpaid assessment, penalties, interest and costs charged or chargeable against the undivided whole. In such instance, upon the recommendation by the City Treasurer, the City Council shall determine such question of fact. [Ord. 1184 § 1, 1978.]

3.16.030 Platting required.

No segregation of any assessment on unplatted lands or large platted tracts shall be made until a plat thereof has been furnished the Director of Public Works by the applicant, showing that the proposed segregation of property will conform to the system of streets as platted on adjacent territory. In all such instances, upon a recommendation by the Director of Public Works, the City Council shall determine such question of fact. [Ord. 1184 § 1, 1978.]

3.16.040 Certification required for segregation of assessment.

Whenever on account of the filing of a plat or replat or on account of a sale or contract to sell or other proper evidence of the change of ownership of a divided portion of any lot, tract, or parcel of land assessed for local improvements, it appears to be to the best interest of the City to segregate such assessment, the Director of Public Works is authorized to make the proper certification as provided in this chapter, upon the written application of the owner, approved by the City Treasurer, and confirmed by the City Council resolution, and upon payment of the fee provided in SMC 3.16.050. The applicant shall, upon the request and at the direction of the Director of Public Works, supply such appraisal, survey and engineering information as the Director requests. [Ord. 1184 § 1, 1978.]

3.16.050 Segregation of assessment – Resolution – Fees.

In all instances it shall be the duty of the Director of Public Works to submit the necessary resolution for segregation for City Council approval. A fee of $50.00 shall be charged for each tract of land for which a segregation is to be made, together with a fee of $25.00 per description for each description added to the assessment roll, to defray the reasonable costs of the reasonable engineering and clerical work involved, by such certificate of the Director of Public Works as approved by the City Council resolution. Such fees shall be paid to the City Treasurer and shall be deposited in the general fund. [Ord. 1184 § 1, 1978.]

3.16.060 Delinquent assessments – Foreclosure proceedings.

A. The proceedings for foreclosure of delinquent local improvement district assessments shall be commenced on or before December 1st, regarding delinquencies existing on the prior January 1st, all pursuant to RCW 35.50.030.

B. In the event the City commences proceedings to foreclose local improvement district assessments, the Court in such proceeding shall award the City any title search costs, other costs incurred, and a reasonable attorney fee. [Ord. 1241 §§ 1, 3, 1979.]