Chapter 10.14


10.14.010    Definitions.

10.14.020    Funeral procession escort required – Exceptions.

10.14.030    Permit required – Review by Police Chief.

10.14.040    Penalties.

10.14.010 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates that a different meaning is intended:

A. “City” means the City of Sunnyside, Washington.

B. “Police Chief” means the Chief of Police of the City of Sunnyside, Washington, or his designee.

C. “Funeral procession” means a line of motor vehicles, procession of pedestrians, or any combination thereof traveling together to a cemetery for the purpose of attending grave-side services or ceremonies.

D. “Escort officer” means a City of Sunnyside police officer or reserve police officer authorized and competent as determined by the Police Chief to direct traffic in the course of such officer’s duty.

E. “Escort vehicle” means any vehicle or vehicles used by escort officers to control traffic, direct traffic, lead and/or accompany a funeral procession. An “escort vehicle” shall be either a marked City of Sunnyside police vehicle or any other vehicle approved by the Police Chief, which is marked and signed to the satisfaction of the Police Chief as an escort vehicle, to be operated by City police officers and/or reserve police officers to provide funeral procession escort service. [Ord. 1829 § 1, 1993.]

10.14.020 Funeral procession escort required – Exceptions.

A. Funeral Processions – Escort Required. A funeral procession shall be accompanied by adequate escort vehicles for traffic control purposes as determined by the Chief of Police.

B. Permit Application Required. Each person desiring a funeral procession shall submit an application for funeral procession permit as described in SMC 10.14.030. Such application for permit shall be reviewed by the Police Chief, who shall thereupon determine the number of escort vehicles and/or escort officers adequate for traffic control purposes for such procession.

C. No Escort Required – When. Upon review of the application for a funeral procession, the Police Chief may determine that neither escort vehicles nor escort officers are necessary for traffic control purposes. Such determination is within the discretion of the Police Chief, upon consideration of such factors as location of the proposed route of the procession, time of day of the procession, and traffic patterns along and through the proposed route of the procession. [Ord. 1829 § 1, 1993.]

10.14.030 Permit required – Review by Police Chief.

Every person desiring to conduct a funeral procession shall obtain a permit from the City Clerk. The person seeking to conduct a funeral procession shall submit an application on a form approved by the City showing the proposed date of the funeral procession, the assembly area, the starting time, the route of the procession, the estimated number of vehicles, if any, and the destination. There shall be no fee for the funeral procession permit.

Each application shall be reviewed by the Police Chief, who shall determine the adequate number of escort vehicles and/or escort officers for traffic control purposes.

At the time the permit is issued, the applicant shall pay to the City Clerk that amount of money deemed necessary by the Police Chief to pay wages and costs of escort officers to be assigned to escort the funeral procession. This amount shall be calculated based on the hourly rate of pay for such escort officers, or the overtime hourly rate for such officers, as applicable. [Ord. 1829 § 1, 1993.]

10.14.040 Penalties.

Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this chapter shall be subject to a civil penalty up to $500.00 for each offense. [Ord. 1829 § 1, 1993.]