Chapter 15.62


15.62.010    General provisions.

15.62.020    Obstructions at intersection.

15.62.030    Penalty.

15.62.010 General provisions.

Fences constructed within the City shall comply with the following restriction on height and location:

A. No fence, including chain link or other types of open fencing or solid screen of vegetation, shall exceed four feet in height when located within the required front yard or street side yard setback or within 10 feet of the intersection of any parking pad or driveway within an alleyway. On any corner lot, defined as a lot situated at the intersection of two or more streets and which at least two sides abut for their full lengths on a street, any fence or solid screen of vegetation exceeding four feet in height, but less than six feet in height, may be constructed along and within a side yard setback to the front corner of the principal building on such lot. For purposes of this code, the front of such building shall be that side of the lot toward which the front door of the building faces.

B. All fences over six feet in height shall require a building permit for construction.

C. No person shall construct a property fence exceeding eight feet in height within 20 feet of their property line without first obtaining a use permit.

D. Barbed wire fences shall not be permitted within the residential districts of the City and may not be placed within five feet of the public right-of-way in commercial and industrial areas.

E. Electric fences shall not be permitted except as provided for through the conditions of a use permit for the keeping of animals. In all cases, electric fences shall have posted thereon every 50 feet a sign at least four inches by eight inches in height, warning of the electric fence, and any such fence shall be U. L. approved and maintained in good and safe condition, and that no “weed chopper” type of electric fence shall be permitted at any time.

F. Fences constructed prior to the adoption of the standards contained in this section which do not conform with the provisions of this section may remain so long as they are maintained in a good condition and do not present a public safety hazard as determined by the City Manager or his designee, including the Property Maintenance Facilitator. [Ord. 2132 § 1, 2006; Ord. 1988 § 1, 1999.]

15.62.020 Obstructions at intersection.

Notwithstanding the provisions regarding fence height in SMC 15.62.010, all fences on the property at any corner formed by intersecting streets are subject to the provisions of Chapter 12.28 SMC regarding obstructions at intersections and removals thereof, unless the owner of the property submits a site plan showing the location(s) of proposed fencing, height of fence(s) and building materials, and such fencing site plan is approved in writing by the City upon a finding that approval of such plan will not unreasonably hinder sight visibility from any affected street. [Ord. 2116, § 1, 2005; Ord. 1988 § 2, 1999.]

15.62.030 Penalty.

Every person violating any provision of this chapter shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction and shall be assessed the monetary penalty authorized pursuant to SMC 1.16.010, including restitution as deemed appropriate by the Court. [Ord. 2018 § 17, 2000.]