Chapter 16.24


16.24.010    Scope and construction of terms.

16.24.020    Administrator.

16.24.030    Alley.

16.24.040    As-built plans.

16.24.050    Bikeway.

16.24.060    Block.

16.24.070    Block length.

16.24.080    Building setback line.

16.24.090    City.

16.24.100    Code.

16.24.110    Comprehensive plan.

16.24.120    Director of Public Works.

16.24.130    Divide.

16.24.140    Easement.

16.24.150    Final plat.

16.24.160    Greenbelt.

16.24.170    Land.

16.24.180    Lot.

16.24.190    Double frontage lot.

16.24.200    Manager.

16.24.210    Open space.

16.24.220    Prior division of land.

16.24.230    Pavement width.

16.24.240    Planning Commission.

16.24.250    Pedestrian way.

16.24.260    Person.

16.24.270    Preliminary plat.

16.24.280    Right-of-way.

16.24.290    Short plat.

16.24.300    Short subdivision.

16.24.310    Street.

16.24.320    Subdivider.

16.24.330    Subdivision.

16.24.340    Survey monument.

16.24.350    Sunnyside standard specifications.

16.24.010 Scope and construction of terms.

A. Words, phrases and terms used in Chapters 16.20 through 16.36 SMC shall have the meaning given to them in this chapter except where otherwise defined unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context.

B. Reference in this subdivision code to any council, commission, committee, body, group, agency, department, office, official or municipal employee means such entity of the City of Sunnyside, except where otherwise stated or required by context.

C. When consistent with the context, words and phrases used in Chapters 16.20 through 16.36 SMC shall include the past, present and future tenses; the masculine, feminine and neuter genders; and the singular and plural.

D. The word “may” as used in Chapters 16.20 through 16.36 SMC is permissive as indicating a use of discretion in making a decision; the word “shall” as used is mandatory. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.020 Administrator.

“Administrator” means the City Manager (Manager) or designee of the City Manager. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.030 Alley.

“Alley” means a public right-of-way used primarily as a secondary means of access to residences and business establishments. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.040 As-built plans.

“As-built plans” means revised construction plans in accordance with all approved field changes reflecting the improvements on site as they actually exist. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.050 Bikeway.

“Bikeway” is a term encompassing all bicycle facilities, including bike lanes, bike paths and bike routes. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.060 Block.

“Block” means an area of land within a subdivision that is entirely bounded by rights-of-way, public streets, streams, parks, physical barriers, and exterior boundaries of the subdivision, excepting alleys. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.070 Block length.

“Block length” means the distance between intersections of through streets, such distance being measured along the longest street bounding the block and from the right-of-way line of the two intersecting streets. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.080 Building setback line.

“Building setback line” means a line parallel to the front property line in front of which no structure shall be erected, the location of which shall be determined from the regulations of the zoning code of the City. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.090 City.

“City” means the City of Sunnyside, Yakima County, Washington. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.100 Code.

“Code” means the municipal code of the City. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.110 Comprehensive plan.

“Comprehensive plan” means the Sunnyside Area Comprehensive Plan as adopted by the Sunnyside City Council by Resolution No. 1979-1, passed November 5, 1979, together with amendments and supplements thereto which have been or hereafter may be adopted. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.120 Director of Public Works.

“Director of Public Works” means the Director of Public Works of the City. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.130 Divide.

“Divide” means any transaction or action, not otherwise exempt or provided for under the provisions of this title, which alters or affects the shape, size, or legal description of any part of an owner’s land as defined by SMC 16.24.170. Sale of a condominium apartment and rental or lease of a building, facility or structure which does not alter or affect the legal description of an owner’s land shall not constitute a division. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.140 Easement.

“Easement” is a grant by a property owner to specific persons or the public to use land for a specific purpose or purposes. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.150 Final plat.

“Final plat” means the final drawing of the subdivision and dedication prepared for filing for record with the Yakima County Auditor which conforms to the requirements of this division. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.160 Greenbelt.

“Greenbelt” means a parcel of land, usually a strip or ribbon of land, left in a natural or artificially landscaped state, excluding all other development except for recreation, maintained for the purpose of buffering and separating areas of development or to connect larger recreation sites. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.170 Land.

“Land” is a legally created lot, tract, parcel, site or division which is shown on an officially recorded plat or short plat, or is specifically described as a separate unit of property on a deed executed prior to May 5, 1980, or constitutes a prior division of land as defined by SMC 16.24.220. If a deed requires a determination whether separate units of property are in fact described therein, application for prior division exemption shall be made in the same manner prescribed for contracts in SMC 16.24.220. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.180 Lot.

“Lot” is a fractional part of subdivided lands having fixed boundaries, being of sufficient area and dimension to meet minimum zoning requirements for width and area. The term includes tracts or parcels. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.190 Double frontage lot.

“Double frontage lot” means a lot having frontage on two parallel or approximately parallel rights-of-way other than alleys. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.200 Manager.

“Manager” means the City Manager of the City of Sunnyside. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.210 Open space.

“Open space” means a parcel of land, excluding building lots, parking areas and access routes, designed and maintained as a common area for leisure, recreation and other activities normally carried on outdoors, including greenbelt and recreational areas. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.220 Prior division of land.

“Prior division of land” is any of the following:

A. A division initiated by sale, lease, transfer or option contract executed prior to May 5, 1980, which presently remains a binding and enforceable commitment as between the parties thereto, their successors or assigns. If the applicable instrument does not specifically designate separated units of property but does describe separate and defined lots, tracts, parcels, sites or divisions of land which are contiguous, they shall constitute prior division of land.

B. A taxation parcel of any size which is surrounded by prior divisions of land as defined in subsection (A) of this section.

C. A taxation parcel of any size which was created prior to May 5, 1980, for the purpose of creating divisions of land which were exempt from platting requirements. Taxation parcels which were administratively created by the Assessor’s office solely for tax purposes shall not be afforded the status of prior divisions for subdivision purposes. Examples of taxation parcels created solely for tax purposes include senior citizen segregations administratively effected by one other than the landowner or agent and segregations for tax exemption purposes.

D. A taxation parcel created in the Assessor’s office for description purposes because of section lines if it conforms with zoning lot size and width requirements in effect at the time of application for exemption.

E. A division of land created by public or private right-of-way traversing the land as defined by SMC 16.24.170. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.230 Pavement width.

“Pavement width” means the actual paved surface as measured between faces of curbs of streets or, where curbs do not exist, the edges of existing paved surfaces. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.240 Planning Commission.

“Planning Commission” means the City of Sunnyside Planning Commission. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.250 Pedestrian way.

“Pedestrian way” means a right-of-way for pedestrian traffic. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.260 Person.

“Person” means an individual, firm, partnership, corporation, company, association, syndicate, or any other legal entity, including a trustee, receiver, assignee, or representative thereof. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.270 Preliminary plat.

“Preliminary plat” means a drawing of a proposed subdivision which conforms to the requirements of Chapters 16.20 through 16.36 SMC. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.280 Right-of-way.

“Right-of-way” means land dedicated and maintained for existing or future public use. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.290 Short plat.

“Short plat” means the map or representation of a short subdivision which conforms to the requirements of Chapters 16.20 through 16.36 SMC. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.300 Short subdivision.

“Short subdivision” means the division of land into nine or fewer lots for the purpose of sale or lease in the present or future. [Ord. 1389 § 1, 1983; Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.310 Street.

“Street” means a public right-of-way improved and maintained for vehicular use. Streets are classified as follows:

A. “Access street” means all streets not designated as principal arterials, minor arterials, or collectors by the City arterial street plan.

B. “Collector arterial” means a street designated as a neighborhood collector by the City arterial street plan.

C. “Minor arterial” means a street designated as a secondary arterial by the City arterial street plan.

D. “Principal arterial” means a street designated as a major arterial of the City arterial street plan.

E. “Vehicle turnaround” means a cul-de-sac at the end of a dead-end street. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.320 Subdivider.

“Subdivider” means any person, as defined by SMC 16.24.260, who undertakes to create a subdivision or short subdivision. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.330 Subdivision.

“Subdivision” means a division of land into five or more lots for the purpose of sale or lease in the present or future. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.340 Survey monument.

“Survey monument” means a physical object marking a permanent survey control point which is constructed and installed in compliance with the standards established by the City Engineer. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]

16.24.350 Sunnyside standard specifications.

“Sunnyside standard specifications” means the engineering specifications adopted by the City governing details of construction relating to required improvements. [Ord. 1257 § 2, 1980.]